Up Close & Personal with Trina Turk at Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek

I caught up with the beautiful and very talented designer, Trina Turk as she made a personal appearance at Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek last month.  When I sat down with one of my lovely editors, Nicole, we decided that we wanted to get to know Trina on a more personal level.  We know that she’s has a great eye for what women are looking for now and we know what inspires her.  However, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Trina Turk, she’s a California native serving up effortless, chic and uber feminine pieces for women with a variety of taste in fashion.

TSP: What trends do you personally disagree with and do you draw inspiration to improve it?

TT: To each it’s own!  There isn’t anything I really dislike.  I like people who make an effort to put together their look as oppose to throwing on sweat pants, so I give them credit for figuring out their style and owning it.

TSP: When you go on vacation or trips, what are the 5 essentials that you can’t leave home without?

TT: 1st essential is my vintage kahki safari jacket.  That jacket has been on more trips with me than anything that I own, in fact, I have it with me now!  2nd essential is Smith’s Rosebud Salve for my lips.  3rd essential would be big dark sunglasses for wanting to just hide after those long flights and still look glam.  4th & 5th essentials would be ballet flats and skinny jeans or skinny black pants.

TSP: Are there any designs that you put out in the past that you later regret?

TT: There were a few things.  Once I saw the garment in the store, I realized that the fabric was not up to par.  I love fabric and I love textiles and that’s what we spend a lot of time on, and what’s most interesting to me.  Picking out the fabric and developing prints is my favorite part about developing the collection. We pride ourselves on offering great value to the customer and making sure we’re using quality fabric as a higher level price point would.

TSP: When you feel your look is incomplete, what is your “go to” accessory?

TT: A big statement ring!  To me, it feels like it completes my look.

TSP: What does Trina Turk do before she leaves the house?  For example, Chanel was known to take something off before she left the house.

TT: I look at myself in a full length mirror.  I don’t necessarily take something off.  I put on a spritz of perfume called Le Labo and have a selection which I use. For example, today is a more of a sultry day and the next day is a more floral day.

TSP: In your Fall 2012 collection, you feature pants of every style.  In your opinion, which pant is a must-have?

TT: This season, I think a skinny ankle pant is really important.  A skinny ankle pant you can wear boots, ankle booties and even show off your favorite shoe.  I also think it’s flattering on most women.

For more information on Trina Turk’s Fall 2012 collection, visit her website at or visit your local Neiman Marcus to view her collection.




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