The Treasures of Pop of Chic!

I came across this fan page by the fabulous Vanessa from A Girl’s Tales of Shopping, Saving & Sequins. It was called Pop of Chic. I browsed through the pictures briefly and thought, wow, this page has some really cute items. I attended the Carolina Herrera event at Neiman Marcus in SF and that is when I met Vanessa and Flor of Flor de Maria Fashion in person, for the first time. I was immediately drawn to the ring Flor was wearing, and thought BEAUTIFUL! It was unique, gold and had 3 circle shaped, almost a pave look to it. She immediately said it was from POP of Chic.

Although I was designer struck by the fabulous Carolina Herrera, I was a bit distracted and a little obsessed with Flor’s ring. I couldn’t wait to go home to look at Pop of Chic’s facebook page and this time, be very thorough. I found the ring that I was obsessing about and what do you know, it was called “Flor”. I wasn’t sure if it was by coincidence that the ring was named after the fabulous blogger I just met, but in any case, I wanted it! I emailed Cynthia, the talented mastermind of Pop of Chic and immediately placed my order. I was shocked when Cynthia told me the price of the “Flor” ring was only $35. To me, it looked like it was double the price, for sure! I started browsing through the bracelets and came across the “Christina”. A beautiful braided bracelet of pink and gold, only $16. I added that to my list as well.

The following week, Pop of Chic posted this amazing grey mesh bracelet, braided with strands of pearls, faux diamonds and 3 different styles of chains. I was honored that Pop of Chic named it the “Rommellyn” bracelet, only $16. It was SO me! Of course, that sold out like crazy and I was one of the few people who got my hands on one.

After receiving all 3 items, the “Flor” ring, the “Christina” and “Rommellyn” bracelets, I have to say that I am IN LOVE and very impressed! I couldn’t believe how well made each item was. The ring alone, as mentioned, looks like a thousand bucks on my finger. I love the way it sparkled at any angle and of course, the weight of it seems like it will last forever. The two bracelets are going to be my new favorites that I will be wearing all the time, especially the “Rommellyn”. My overall thoughts on Pop of Chic are: amazing, well made, great quality, unbelievable pricing, adorable pieces and of course…STUNNING!

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