Tarina Tarantino – The Sparkle Queen!

I stumbled upon this unique piece of Hello Kitty jewelry in an art gallery about 5 years ago when I was in Lahaina, HI for my honeymoon.  I couldn’t believe how adorable these two pieces were (a ring and matching bracelet).  What caught my eyes were the sparkling crystals thats surrounded the pink haired Hello Kitty pendant.  Of course, since I have always been a huge fan of the world famous kitty, I had to get the only two pieces displayed.  Upon looking at the pieces closer, I noticed a designer name that I haven’t heard of before.  And that’s where I learned of the sparkle queen, Tarina Tarantino.

The pink haired designer founded her company with Alfonso Campos back in 1995 where colorful, statement accessories were not the talk of the fashion world.  Who knew that creating pieces with beads, crystals and sandpaper can turn this designer’s dreams into what has become one of THE fashion accessories worn by celebrities.  Like many beginning talent, Tarina designed and created, sold and shipped along with marketed her pieces right out of her one bedroom apartment.  Her very first studio opened in West Hollywood, CA.

The collection today is evolving with new pieces from earrings, necklaces, rings, hair accessories to handbags. Tarina has certainly drawn my attention as she not only carries my childhood girly love for Hello Kitty – Pink Head but she also made a Barbie line as well.  Growing up, my interest in jewelry have drawn me towards cameos.  And that’s where I’m excited to introduce the Acid Cameo collection from Tarina Tarantino.

I asked Tarina a few questions about the Acid Cameo collection along with her beauty line.

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for Acid Cameo?

A: Acid Cameo is a high energy collection inspired by my obsession with color!  The neon elements in this collection play beautifully off of my chalk white cameos.  I absolutely love neons – in fact there was a period of time when I wore ONLY neon colors … for months!  Acid Cameo is also highly inspired by my love for Japanese culture, particularly the city of Tokyo, where vibrant colors reign supreme.  In fact, each piece in the Acid Cameo collection is named after a different neighborhood in Tokyo!

Q: What is your favorite piece?

A: It’s always really difficult for me to pick just ONE favorite from the collections I design because I truly love each piece that I create – particularly so with the Acid Cameo.  The candy-colored pops of color that are featured in each piece create this mesmerizing tension in the jewelry – it’s amazing!  Yotsuya is an incredible statement necklace that really ‘makes’ an outfit!

Q: What is your jewelry influence on your beauty line?

A: TARINA TARANTINO BEAUTY is HIGHLY inspired by the jewelry I design, especially the packaging.  The line has really evolved into this incredibly luxe collection with very sleek, modern, gunmetal packaging that feels like a great piece of jewelry.  Every last detail is rooted in jewelry design – from the opulent crystal riveting on the componentry, to the diamond powder and crushed pearls that are infused in the makeup formulations themselves.

Q: Can you give us hints about upcoming collections?

A: I don’t want to give away too much, but I can say that we have some really amazing new collections for holiday that utilize new techniques that I’ve never done before!  With jewelry, the possibilities are truly endless!

Here’s a peek at my very own Tarina Tarantino collection

For more information and to shop Tarina Tarantino’s ever sparkling collection, please visit her website at:






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