Smashbox Cosmetics – The “Lash Revival” Challenge!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on Lash Revival from the amazing Smashbox Cosmetics. This treatment and conditioner is to help give full, thicker lashes in just 8 weeks. It could even help over tweezed and sparse eye brows as well.

The application is simple. Apply the treatment along the the top lash line, similar to putting on liquid eye-liner and then apply the conditioner to your lashes. Smashbox calls for application on clean skin and at night before bed. So far, I have used it twice and showed no allergy reaction, which is a great sign that I can continue using this product.

Here is a photo of my lashes without mascara and day two of the challenge. I will give another update 4 weeks from now to show and tell if there has been a difference in my lashes.


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  1. Any update on this one? Does it work? Didi it make your lashes grow? Grow longer and healthier? Cos I have sparse lashes now due to lash extensions, it’s really depressing! 🙁

    Thanks! xoxo


    1. Rommellyn says:

      Hi Trixie,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, we will have an update on this very shortly. It took some time because we were trying this product out for about 8 weeks (as directed). Will share with you the results very shortly. Thanks for your patience and for following!

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