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With the variety of monthly subscriptions from your favorite magazines, to receiving beauty samples, who knew or would have even thought of a monthly subscription for panties?

Well, for those of you like me who are new to this fab new subscription, it’s called  A monthly subscription of gorgeous styles of underwear from signature, bridal to even a men’s line.

Signature Line

The signature line from consists of various styles from full bottoms, thongs, high waist, lace, you name it!  I received my 1st of 2 subscriptions and received a beautiful high waist, satin and lace panty.  Very vintage-esq and was something I thought I would never wear until now.

Bridal Line

The bridal line consists of gorgeous colored Hanky Pankys!  And seriously, if you haven’t worn a Hanky Panky, you are really missing out on what I think is one of the THE best underwears out there!  The lace around your hips are so comfortable and does not pinch against your skin leaving that little tiny bulge we hate with some of our panties now.  The bridal line panties include embroidery that says Bride, Bridesmaid, or Maid of Honor, but you can also choose a plain one instead, which is what I chose for my 2nd subscription.

Men’s Line

The men’s line is pretty basic and comes in one style which is the boxer brief shown above.  The husband thought that the black pair fit perfect and was very comfortable as well.

Their subscriptions are I think affordable, especially when you get high end, great material and very sexy pieces.  Just think, you don’t have to go to the store, these pieces will come directly to you door in a very discreet package.  What’s great about is you can also purchase a subscription for one of your friends as a gift! Won’t they be surprised when they receive something cute like this in the mail.

Subscription cost:

12 Month Subscription ($15 each) $180.00

6 Month Subscription ($19 each) $114.00

3 Month Subscription ($20 each) $60.00

2 Pretty Pair at Once ($25 each) $50.00

1 Single Panty $25.00

1 Men’s Bambou Boxer $30.00

3 Months Hanky Panky Subscription ($20 each) $60.00

For more information on, visit their website at



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