September Issue – Lacoste Fragrance for Men Review

Lacoste introduces its first ever collection of male fragrances, inspired by one of the world’s most famous pieces of clothing, the LACOSTE L.12.12 shirt. Designed in 1927 by the tennis legend himself, Ren­é Lacoste, this renowned garment was celebrated by fellow tennis champions for the elegant simplicity of its design and the freedom of movement the petit piqué fabric gave its wearer.

LACOSTE captured the essence of this timeless classic in a collection of three fragrances: Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 in Blanc, Bleu and Vert. The three masculine scents all capture the feeling of lightness, coolness and freshness the petit piqué fabric gave René Lacoste when he wore it, and each is adorned with the now legendary crocodile logo that was inspired by the tenacious champion’s nickname.


Lacoste Blanc Edition

Inspired by the classic white shirt, the fragrance opens with a fresh, woody and herbal blend of grapefruit, rosemary, cardamom and cedar leaf to create a clean and aromatic first impression. These notes blend with a uniquely masculine, floral heart accord comprising a natural tuberose, ylang ylang and olibanum that gives the scent its purity. The base of the fragrance merges cedarwood and georgywood with fresher notes of vetiver. The result is a timeless classic but twith a masculine and woody tenacity.

“Fresh” is the first thing that comes to mind when I spray Lacoste Blanc. Seems to have a sweet scent when compared to the others in the Unicolour line. I get the herbal, sweet, floral scent of it, but not so much the woody. What I like about this fragrance is that it’s both sweet and masculine, and clean all around. There’s certain men’s cologne that you wear to special occasions, but the Blanc is something to wear for any occasion (casual or formal).

Lacoste Blanc requires more frequent sprays than the others, but it’s one of my favorites from the Unicolour line and I don’t mind the touch up here and there.


Lacoste Bleu Edition

The Bleu edition moves from the pure classic scent of Blanc to something more powerful. The top notes combine a dose of citrusy grapefruit with cool aquatic notes of peppermint and watery fruits. At the heart there is a smooth and aromatic accord of sage which blends with an earthy dry down of patchouli, amber wood and oak moss to create a deep, powerful, and intensely masculine scent.

What I found out about most Lacoste colognes, is that they are not very strong. Me personally, I do about 2 sprays for most of the colognes I have, but I find myself doing about 3-4 in order to get the real essence of the cologne. Lacoste Bleu I would have to say is my least favorite of the Unicolor line. It was one of the last ones I tried from the collection, so it was a little hard to compare to the Blanc and Vert edtion because I loved the smell of both. The Bleu edition is known to have a dose of citrusy and aquatic notes, which do give off that fresh scent, but I would consider this your average sporty cologne. Like other Lacoste scents, the smell isn’t so aggressive, so it requires a few sprays every 1-2 hours.


Lacoste Vert Edition

A fresh and natural scent, Vert opens with a cocktail of citrus notes combining bergamot, verbena and grapefruit. This bright blend of top notes is balanced by a relaxing heart accord consisting of blue lavender, thyme, violet leaf and fig. At the base there is the sparkling scent of natural living bamboo grass, a note unique to this scent which drives the feeling of fresh, green wood within the fragrance.

When I smell this fragrance, I automatically think of a night out with some friends for some drinks and great music. Love the woody and floral scent of the Vert. It’s smooth, light, and I got plenty of compliments from friends and co-workers who agree that it’s an all around great scent.


Lacoste Rouge Edition

Rouge is a dynamic, masculine, fresh and spicy fragrance that perfectly complements the existing EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 editions: Blanc, Bleu and Vert.

New EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 Rouge is about reinvigorating his outlook, interrupting his daily routine with playful bursts of energy which inject a sense of excitement and dynamism into his life. Rouge is the perfect addition to the existing EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 collection. Not only is it one of the classic L.12.12 shirt colours, red is seen as emotionally intense. It is an alluring and tempting colour, symbolizing confidence and courage in its wearer. Above all, red represents life. The most dynamic and energetic shade in the colour spectrum, like EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 Rouge, it symbolizes life and vitality.

One thing about Lacoste’s collection is that there’s some sort of floral essence to their fragrances, so it always gives you that sense of spring. L12.12 fragrance collection is a scent based on a triple blenf of speces – ginger, black pepper and cardamom. I was excited to try this fragrance because of it’s interesting contrast of notes. Blanc happened to be one of my favorites from the L.12.12 collection, and I can honestly say that Rouge gives off a similar scent, but with a woody and spicy bite. This fragrance is mild, with a kick, so don’t be afraid of it being too strong. That’s something I noticed about the Lacoste collection, I didn’t find any of their fragrances too aggressive especially when you compare them to other brands out there. I did have to re-apply the Bleu and Blanc every 2-3 hours, but I really didn’t mind just as long as the scent wasn’t so overbearing. Rouge definitely lasts longer than the Blanc and others from the L.12.12 collection.

Would I recommend Rouge to others? Sure I would, because all in all, I was pleased with it’s blast of fruit and spices.

Overall review is, Lacoste cologne is fantasic, but Vert Edition would be the first one I would recommend to others if they wanted to try out one of the fragrances from the Lacoste Unicolour collection.

Lacsote Blanc, Bleu and Vert are available at department stores including Macy’s, Dillards, Bloomingdales, and specialty stores such as Sephora, Ulta and Lacoste.  Price  for EDT 100 ml $62 / EDT 30 ml $39

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