Sephora by OPI Bohemian Brights – Review

Sephora by OPI Bohemian Brights Collection brings colorful, bright hues and earthy shades straight to your finger nails.  The spring 2012 collection includes 9 shades that are long wearing, chip-resistant and a bohemian brights set of 6 shades in miniature sizes.

The color as seen on the photos is Paisley Attention to Me (Tangerine Orange).  This is the first time I have tried an orange (especially one this bright) on my nails and I am loving it!  The polish is smooth and opaque so one coat can be just enough, but I thought the brighter the better, so I put on two coats. After wearing the color for about a week or so, I did notice some chipping however, I am one that is constantly washing my hands (mother of two) so nothing can withstand that kind of wear and tear.

Additional shades are: What Aura Gonna Wear (Hot Pink), It’s Totally Karma (Lime Green), Neutral Beauty (Honey Tan), I Only Shop Vintage (Golden Bronze Shimmer), Happy Earth Day To Me (Dark Army Brown), White Hot! (Bright White), Bright as a Feather (Light Blue Shimmer), What’s Your Sign? (Peach Shimmer).  Price is $9.50 Each and the Mini Bohemian Brights collection is $24.50.

The Sephora by OPI Spring 2012 Bohemian Brights is available at any Sephora stores and online at I give Paisley Attention to Me a 4 rating.


4: Highly Recommend

3: Worth Trying

2: Try a Different Brand

1: Could Do Without



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