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Admittedly I am a product junkie.  Although I tend to ‘binge’ on products without knowing exactly what they are, or how they work (hello, AWESOME packaging!), I do try to stay focused and keep my eye on the prize…awesome results and pocket friendly perks. So when the opportunity arose for me to review hair care from the Ojon product line, you can only imagine my excitement and gusto to get started!

I received an 8oz bottle of Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment shampoo and conditioner. In a blonde’s world, this means that I could have potentially found the perfect hair treatment for me!  You see, I have highly processed and overly heat-styled platinum blonde hair. I have yet to find a shampoo or conditioner that can truly restore my hair…but like all good junkies, we are always willing to give something a try.

After a long night out laced heavily with waxes, sprays, serums and thickeners, my back combed hot mess was in desperate need to see what ‘Damage Reverse’ could do.

Like any good bottle of wine, my shampoo and conditioner too MUST have a good ‘nose’. I opened up the bottle of Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment shampoo and was instantly pleased with the soft & subtly sweet aromas of Tonka Bean, Vetiver and Benjoin.  I instantly thought that this would be something that both men and women could use and enjoy.

I had a very rich lather almost immediately. From the onset I could tell that the Ojon golden elixir was off to a good start. I was quite surprised, as it would typically take two washes to get through the coating of hair product left behind from the night before.  However, the shampoo did itself justice and began to untangle and smooth out my hair. There were no instructions per say, as to how long I should clean my hair, so I just gave it the usual 3 minute treatment and then rinsed.

The shampoo washed cleanly from my hair and I did not feel like it left a film or any residue. I noticed right away that I could easily run my fingers through my hair without any snags. What the!? I had not yet applied the conditioning treatment…could this be??

Again, with no specific instruction listed on the bottle I proceeded to add a small amount of the conditioner to my roots and worked it through to the ends. Typically I would have dumped half of the bottle into my palm to ensure I had enough to thoroughly coat and soften my strands, but in this case, there was no need too. I left the treatment in for about 4-5 minutes while I read through the product ingredients on the back of the bottles. I was surprised to find a high concentration of quality natural botanicals such as wheat proteins, coconut derived cleansers and essential oils from the Ojon Palm. There were no Parabens, Phthalates, DEA, Synthetic Color or Animal Ingredients. I was loving this more and more by the minute!

I finished my wash with a luke warm rinse followed by a shot of cold water to seal the deal. It was now time to see if Ojon’s Damage Reverse Restorative Hair treatments could ‘walk the walk’.

After drying my hair and keeping it product free (hey, it was Sunday…hair needs a day off too) I sat back in amazement as my hair actually held style in silky and shiny glory! I could brush it right away without the fear of losing 30% due to breakage, and the smell was lovely.

Feeling great about the physical condition and look of my hair I whipped out the flat iron to give my tresses their final test. At a cool 425 degree setting, I straightened my freshly washed hair. I was shocked that there was not one coarse or brittle hair in sight even after torturing it with the heat styling. The treatments had worked!  Ojon’s duo managed to restore my deeply damaged hair and my confidence in hair products that can deliver what their fancy packaging claims.

I give Ojon’s Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treament a 3-4 Rating must-have’ for dull, brittle, frizzy and over processed hair!

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4: Highly Recommend

3: Worth Trying

2: Try a Different Brand

1: Could Do Without



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