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For all of you locals in San Jose, if you don’t know what’s coming in July, then please mark your calendars! The Nigel Who? Fashion Show will take place at the Children’s Discovery Museum on Saturday, July 9th at 7pm. The fabulous designer, Ronnie Bogle has been kind enough to share some of the pictures from his 2011 Fall/Winter Collection that he has been working day and night to complete. I am happy to say that I will be one of the lucky people to attend this show and see the full collection and will report it to you all who can’t be there.

So far, I am absolutely loving what I see. I’m a sucker for off the shoulder tops and he has a few pieces that I am dying to get my hands on already! Now, I’m just waiting to see his shoe collection.

Below is the press release for the Nigel Who? Fall/Winter 2011 Collection.

July 9th 7:00 p.m. reception, 8:00 p.m. show
Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose
180 Woz Way San Jose, CA 95113
408 352 5834

In 1990, before the world wide web became what it is today, fashion design label nigel Who? made fashion history as the first one to stream a runway show live on line. “It was a small, one inch image that changed about once a minute,” says Bogle. “It wasn’t anything like today’s You Tube but we did it first and that will always really be one of my finest achievements.” That first nigel Who? line debuted in downtown San Jose at a totally packed venue which was also covered by the San Jose Mercury News. Viewers not able to attend the event were seen dangling on windows outside of the venue attempting to get a look inside.

Twenty-five years later, since reaching that goal, and after a five-year time off period he took to “give back to the communities that were so good to me, nigel Who? is back with a highly-anticipated new line inspired by memories of his childhood interwoven with his southern culture of the deep South. There is also a new boutique in the heart of downtown San Jose under development which will open later in the fall. The buzz is everywhere and nigel Who? is back in the limelight and set to be the “it” label this July when Bogle unveils the line of highly unique cotton textured looks including jackets, dresses, skirts, pants, tops and evening dresses. He will also show his latest shoe line composed of hand crafted shoes he has designed alongside a wood craft artist Bogle calls “the find of my career.” Shoes range from flats to towering 5 inch pumps. Insiders who have seen the lines describe it as “art meets fashion” and “unbelievably unique.”

Bogle’s label, nigel Who? has created 30 collections which span over a remarkable 15 year career including lines for women, men, children, home and several other shoe collections. He was the lone designer who shared the catwalk with Calvin Klein while designing the product line for the wildly successful first year run of Silicon Planet. And, in 2003, Bogle opened his flagship boutique deep in the heart of Willow Glen, CA. After an exhausting 15 year career, Bogle retired his label to work in the nonprofit sector to “give back to the community which gave me so much.” He plans on returning to fashion to open a flagship boutique in the heart of downtown San Jose in the trendy Ryland Park district. A men’s line will follow and then the focus will shift to women’s couture, his one-of-a-kind made-to-measure looks that take up to 200 hours each to make. His clients covet the couture because of the ultimate exclusivity of them. He designs one look of a couture design and then retires it completely.

Bogle’s desire to return to the industry has fueled a fashion storm across face book as bloggers log in daily to view his unique marketing approach towards fashion. Commercials, with updates on the collection, air throughout the day. The success of Bogle’s marketing approach and style is undeniable. He continues to earn legion of fans including long time supporters of the label who are also on board for his return. HMM Agency and 408 Models will supply the models and Red Haute and Company’s Beverly Zeiss will produce it. Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose will host. Daniel Garcia and Content Magazine will shoot the line. Styling will be provided by Atelier Aveda of Santana Row.

Inspired by a quilt in a Museum, Bogle took the inspiration of it with the intension of doing a small collection to “get creative again.” “I knew I wanted to do something innovative again with this collection and, at first, the intension was to do it all on a smaller scale than what I had done before in my career. I was really doing this collection just for me”. But, it quickly grew to the massive 247 piece line it is today. The Nigel Who? Fall/Winter 2011 line, consisting of women’s ready to wear and shoes and is a testament to what small-scale means to a designer with the huge talent he has in his pocket.

“I wanted to have a collection that looked like it was pulled out of a hundred-year old trunk, “noted Bogle. The extraordinary craftsmanship proves nothing less than that, with cloth woven rosettes in deep black and bright white. An expertly embroidered Nigel Who? logo is sewn onto the top, carefully crafted to melt into the fabric to marry it as one. His textured fabrics are ultra unique and serve as the single decor in the otherwise perfectly simplic looks. Fabric is violently torn into strips and sewn back together again, turn on the bias and cut from original patterns. The end result is an ultra unique, chic and individual piece unlike anything else in the world of today’s fashion. The rich southern aesthetic is both easily lost and stares you right in the face with it’s feminine accents.

Shoes are hand crafted by a selected wood artist in Gilroy and serve as the underpin of nigel Who?’s ultimate creative style and edge.

The label plans on showing it all off at a high profile fashion event in downtown San Jose at Children’s Discovery Museum on July 9th at 8:00 p.m. Industry guests include Mode Bay Area, Helium Magazine, Content Magazine, the Examiner, The Stunning Post, Made in San Jose Magazine and several celebrity guests. 323 selected guests will also attend the event. The show will be produced by Red Haute and Co., hair and makeup by Atelier Aveda of Santana Row and models from HMM Agency will present the line. The collection event is also a fundraiser to assist with the re-building of schools destroyed by the April Alabama tornados.

For more information on nigel Who?’s collection, visit and join the label on July 9th for Bogle’s highly anticipated return to fashion.

All media may obtain entrance into the event by reserving a press badge. All press badges are reserved by calling 408 352 5834. Please include the name of your media outlet including any needs.


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