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I was recently made aware of this new footwear company by another fellow blogger who attended Magic in Las Vegas this past summer.  I was instantly attracted to the design, and the fact that the shoes are made with lightweight material.

After browsing their website, I found that Native Shoes not only carry footwear for adults, but also carry a kids line as well.  And that’s where it caught my attention, being a parent and all.  My now 4 year old boy is active, loves playing in all terrain areas and of course loves to get wet.  Native Shoes have similarities to the ever so popular Crocs (that my son wears almost all summer long), however, I was happy to have found a brand that had a little more style in my opinion.

I was able to get my hands on a pair of kid’s Corrado shoes in torch red.  And let me tell you, the minute I showed the shoes to my son, he was ecstatic!  He couldn’t wait to put them on.  Feeling the shoes themselves, I did notice how unbelievably lightweight they were.  The material felt strong and durable enough to withstand the active feet they now belonged to.  After wearing the Corrado’s for the first couple of hours, my son managed to get mud and dirt on the soles, which is absolutely no problem as the shoes are 100% washable!  Makes for an easy wear and care for kids shoes, I must say.   This specific style is ordor free, shock resistant, anti-microbial and waterproof.  In less words – kid proof!  The comfortability of the shoes definitely showed as my son had no problem wearing the pair all day.

CLICK HERE to purchase the Corrado Shoes in Torch Red

As you can see from the photo above, the bottom of the shoes have traction.

One of the things I did notice is the more wear the shoes get, the white part of the sole tends to fade, however, the disclaimer is on the box – so don’t be surprised!  I certainly recommend these shoes to any parent looking for fun, colorful, lightweight and kid proof shoes!  I’m sure the adult version is just as great and daddy proof too.

For more information on Native Shoes, please visit their website

Native SS11 Kids from Native Shoes on Vimeo.


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