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Let’s talk bags, shall we?  First, let me tell you about the kind of “bag lady” I am.   I look for style, versatility, size and functionality of the bags that I use in my “day to day” life.  Yes, I do like the luxury brand bags, but I find myself only using those that I have on special occasions or with specific outfits when I’m going out.

I’m also a mom of 2 that is always “on the go”, so having enough room to keep only a handful of my very own necessities (wallet, compact powder, lip gloss, sunglasses, cell phone), along with my kids’ items (small toys to keep them occupied, water bottle, coloring book, crayons, brush, iPad…you name it, if you’re a parent you get it), I need a bag that I can just toss these items in and go.

When I was recently introduced to the brand MZ Wallace, I immediately fell in love as I came a cross a line of handbags that fit my current lifestyle. I would consider this brand’s collection as effortless, chic and functional. After browsing through the collection, I have narrowed down my personal favorites…


Metro Backpack Black Oxford

What attracted me the most to this backpack was the quilted design and how sleek it looked, while having a little sporty-spice look to it. The nylon material makes for a light weight feel and is durable and won’t lose its shape. It also comes in 6 other fabulous colors. Click HERE to purchase.


Large Abbey Tote

Having a chic overnight bag that I can keep my items organized while traveling is key! This large tote has 6 exterior pockets and an adjustable strap that makes for easy breezy hands free traveling. And for you stylish new moms out there, this could also be used as a chic diaper bag as well. Click HERE to purchase.


SMALL CHELSEA Scarlet Red Bedford

If you’re looking to add a bold, pop of color to your accessory closet, the red Small Chelsea bag will do the trick. I personally love the large leather handle and the matching red strap for easy hands free and every day use. Click HERE to purchase.



Having a mini bag in my collection is a must and I highly recommend that if you don’t have one…go get one! The Abbey Wristlet is perfect if you’re on the go and don’t need to carry much. It’s also a wallet in one and has three wonderful exterior pockets to put your keys or lipgloss in.  Seriously, it’s a no brainer kind of bag to add in your collection. Click HERE to purchase.


INGRID WALLET Jewel Print Bedford

If you’re looking for a compact wallet that isn’t bulky and can fit in most small bags, the Ingrid Wallet is something to consider. I personally use smaller wallets and this one can carry small amount of cards, can hold change and a pocket for your hard earned cash. How fabulous is the jewel print on this?  Click HERE to purchase.

For more information on the items listed above or to see the entire MZ Wallace collection, visit their website at


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