Kat Von D – Saint & Sinner 

If you’re a fan of Kat Von D Beauty, then you are well aware that the return of these two fragrances, Saint & Sinner is a very big deal. Fans all over, including myself begged Kat Von D to bring these back to life…she listened and reinvented the look.

As a huge fan of Kat Von D products, I had the Saint fragrance from when it was initially launched several years ago but, I do have to say that the new Saint scent doesn’t give out much citrus notes as the original scent that I had. However, I do ike this new version which is still a scent that I feel can be worn daily, especially in the summertime. This time around, I am trying Sinner and I felt drawn to the slight sultry notes.

Although, I do feel I have to reapply again mid-day, this has become one of my “go to” scents. If you’re someone who likes lightly sweeter scents, this one is definitely for you to try. I’m pretty sure it will become a favorite of yours as well. I also love the redesign of the bottles for both Saint & Sinner and the fact that Kat Von D continued to create it in the rollerball version as well. Thanks for bringing these back!!


Thanks to Influenster and Kat Von D for the complimentary samples of one of my favorite scents. To purchase Saint (Click HERE) and to purchase Sinner (Click HERE).


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