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Ever wonder what it’s like to walk into wonderland? The aroma of fresh baked goodies, colorful accents all around, delicious treats in sight while my mouth is watering at the same time. Yes folks, I definitely feel like I have stepped into wonderland when I enter the doors of Icing on the Cake in Los Gatos, Ca.

This bakery is a local’s favorite and is well known for their tasty cupcakes, cookies, cakes and more! When I talk to people that know Icing on the Cake, they immediately say the “Banana Cake or Cupcakes”. They are definitely most famous for that special daily flavor which can be served in any size cake you desire, cupcakes or even loaf slices. What I particularly love about their banana cake is that it does not include the walnuts. However, for all of you nutties out there, they do offer a banana bread loaf which does include nuts as well.

I have sampled numerous varieties of their cupcakes from the ever so delicious Red Velvet, Chocolate Swirly Cakes, Cookies N Cream, Neopolitan, and Coconut, just to name a few. They also have a variety of cookies which are soft and chewy….just the way I like them! My all time favorite cookie that I can’t bare to leave the bakery without is the DeeLuxe Cookie. It includes a mixture of white and milk chocolate chips, coconut shavings and walnuts. An absolutely sinful yet heavenly treat!

This last visit, I grabbed my son a traditional chocolate frosting, chocolate cupcake. I also grabbed a Pink Lady Cupcake (Berry Frosting with coconut shavings, vanilla cake touched with strawberry filling) and of course the DeeLuxe cookie for myself.

When you’re in the Los Gatos area, please make sure to stop by Icing on the Cake. They are located on East Main Street.

You can also visit them on their website at www.icingonthecakebakery.com


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  1. Michelle Donati says:

    The bakery opened when I was living up the street in Los Gatos w my parents. As a toddler my cakes came from there, and back then my MoM started getting me HEART shaped cakes made 🙂 My MoM still gets me heart shaped cakes as an adult, too. Banana cake with Cream cheese frosting sounds really weird, but you HAVE to try it because you will be pleasantly surprised. I love the Snickerdoodles, the Peanut Butter cupcakes, and the Banana Cake in addition to your likes Rommellyn. Our wedding cake was the famous Banana Cake and they decorated it with cute little pink double hearts everywhere- it was almost too pretty to eat! The sheet cakes are very reasonable for birthday parties… We made the mistake ONE year of ordering from somewhere else, because they were so busy, and I learned my lesson!! My son hated his cake, and cried, so call ahead. I have friends that drive all the way from Half Moon Bay JUST for their kids to have Banana Birthday Cake from Icing. They get really busy this time of year due to graduations and weddings, but I always seem to find something. I love all the colorful baking items on display, as well as the vintage signs and mixers on the shelving. It is the perfect feel of MoM’s kitchen mixed w contemporary yummy-ness. The taste is so nostalgic to us locals… Thanks for the write up on my favorite bakery!

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