Get Blown Away with Drybar at Santana Row


They had me at the bowl. Oh they got me as soon as I walked into the bar, making me feel ultra glamorous for having just walked into the place. But there was something about those soapy hands on my scalp that turned me out. God bless the shampoo bowl and all of its powers; ten minutes that I never ever want to give back.

You had to be there. You need to get there. The Drybar at Santana Row, one of 10 locations in California, in addition to all of the fabulousness that already exists in Scottsdale, Atlanta, Dallas and New York City. This place is much more a bar than a salon, a really hip bar. Even the stylists and bartenders are super chic. And get this; they – as in each and every one of them – offer their dry and style services for an easy 35 bucks. Ridiculous right? I’ve paid more for an unmemorable meal or cheap and uncomfortable shoes I knew better than to buy but felt I could make work anyway. And then they have these extras called shots and floaters. Get it, playing off the whole bar idea? Also not typically salon-like, Drybar offers monthly memberships and bartabs, to ensure that the good just keeps on coming.

I found everything about this place divine. Even me, thick, course, curly, and prone to frizz hair and all, left with a ‘do that was smooth, sleek, yet so full of body. I walked out of the bar just a little bit cuter than when I arrived. Heck, they’ve even named the yellow upside down blow dryer on the Drybar website – Buttercup. It just doesn’t get any more swanky than that.

Another pretty amazing service they offer (aside from making you look fab) is hosting a party with you and your girlfriends. Yes, that’s right, I said party! From bridal showers, birthday parties, girl’s night out, you name it!  They’ll provide the blowouts and of course delicious drinks and anything else you arrange with their party planning guru.

For more information on Drybar, visit their website at  For more information on Santarow, visit



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