Face Halo – The Makeup Remover You Must Try!

I have to admit that the older I get the more I am in search for simple ways and add more time to my beauty regimen.

Behold, stunners!  I believe I may have found my new favorite way to remove makeup using only two things: water and this fabulous modern makeup remover called, Face Halo. After seeing all of their ads, I decided I wanted to try this product, so I purchased a 3-pack which was only $22.00 (free shipping to US).

Of course, I was really skeptical as to how this was going to remove my make (I use some waterproof, long wearing products) considering it only requires water and this cleansing cloth that does not include any additional chemicals. Let’s just say, I was proven wrong!  Face Halo certainly worked in removing all of the make up I was wearing including my mascara and eye brow gel.  And no, I did not have to scrub hard or add any oils or cleansing products prior.  The next part was cleaning Face Halo.  It says to use soap and water to clean after each use and after removing my make up, it left a lot of residue on the cleansing cloth. I for sure knew it wasn’t going to come off…wrong!  I used regular bar soap and water and the Face Halo cloth came out clean and white! It’s the witchcraft of face cleansers that I have been looking for.

Environmentally friendly…did I mention that?  Face Halo is non-toxic and is designed to wash about 200 times and since you get 3 of them, you have about 600 times to wash your face with this magic cloth.  When you think about it, you not only save on purchasing make up wipes but you also help the environment by not using wipes which take about 100 years to break down. 100 years….what?! I feel a little better in switching to this method of removing my makeup.

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