Donald J. Pliner & Lisa Pliner – Shoes, Spring, Fall & Interview!

Last month, I had the opportunity to meet this dynamic shoe duo at their local boutique in San Jose, CA.  Donald J. Pliner and Lisa Pliner opened up and let us in on their Spring collection, upcoming Fall collection and how they manage to put their two creative minds together to bring beautiful footwear to us fanatics.

TSP: What was your inspiration for your latest collection?

LP: Color!  Spring, texture, lots various materials and making a woman feel beautiful.  Women want to feel pretty when they’re wearing colorful shoes and jewels and lace along with comfort.

DJP: Again, it was color.  It’s about being feminine and even color for men which is the greatest thing now.  Men are finally coming out of their “closet” and wearing something different.  Thank goodness for the music industry and the entertainment industry, which color is being brought out more.  You’ll see a lot of flowers as we incorporated that in many different ways and certain colors.  For example, we’ll take a purple and fuchsia and blend it so it becomes a beautiful wine.  You’ll also see a lot of cork, which are woven and painted.  To have fashion is one thing but to have comfort is more important and that’s the key to Donald Pliner.  It’s about the quality, the fashion, the comfort and the worst thing about my shoes is, they last too long.

TSP: How long does it take to come up with the designs for your collections?

LP: It takes about 6 months to do a whole collection series before we show.  Donald and I start working on it immediately.  We can be showing fall and come up with ideas for the following year / season, so we’re always thinking and working.  We just finished our Spring 2013.  We do take a full month in an enclosed room and draw, look at materials, lay out shoes and design.  A full month of concentrating of the ideas that we’ve been thinking about all year, even though we’re an entire year ahead.

DJP: We finished Spring 2013 and prior to that we’ll walk the streets of New York, Los Angeles and Miami (that’s where our home is) and we’ll look and ask ourselves what did we just do for 2013 that we saw in 2012 or what did we miss?  I have a library that goes back 20 – 30 years and reinvent what didn’t make it due to timing.

TSP: What can we expect from the Fall 2012 Collection?

LP: Again, color!  Today’s women have so many skin tones.  And what you might wear as yellow, may not go well with my skin tone.  You’ll notice that I use a lot of neutral, but for fall, I was inspired by the colors of a peacock’s feathers but added fuchsia.  What woman wouldn’t want pink?

DJP: I will launch a signature collection in Fall 2012 which will be high end ranging $500-$1,600. The collection was inspired by the entertainment industry featuring skulls, tuxedo prints, metallic studs, jewels and will only be available in our stores.

It was such a pleasure meeting Donald and Lisa Pliner and look forward to their upcoming collection.  My favorite part of meeting the two and hearing their story is their passion for creating eye catching collections and making a woman feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time.  Lisa Pliner’s collection of shoes include a gorgeous green sole that reflects her eyes and I absolutely love how she put her green eyes into his soles.

Donald J. Pliner store is located at San Jose’s hot spot, Santana Row or you can visit their website at


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