Dior Rouge Nude Lipcolor & Dior Contour Nude Lipliner

The new Rouge Dior Nude Lipcolor collection introduces a “lipstick as the new blush” concept, featuring 8 radiant shades perfectly formulated for a warm, flush effect on the lips.  From light beige to more intense tones of rosewood and brown, each lipcolor creates a luminous finish emblematic of Dior femininity.

The lip balm care formula is boosted with hydrating, replumping and redefining active ingredients for continually soft and supple lips.  In addition, Rouge Dior Nude contains the same natural pigments as the Nude foundation for a perfect complement.  As a result, the lips are instantly hydrated and plumed while the range of shades illumiate the face with a glowy, semi-transparent finish.

Since it’s creation in 1947, the House of Dior has shown commitment to major causes, a philosophy that Christian Dior defended with great conviction. Dating back to couture shows held in aid of the Red Cross, like the show at Blenhim Castle in 1954, as well as others in aid of cancer research.  Today, the House of Dior honors his tradition by actively supporting one of the causes represented by Natalie Portman.

Dior has created a special shade of Rouge Nude Lipcolor, Grège #169, Natalie Portman’s new partnership with the children’s charity, Free the Children Association (  The mission of Free The Children is to help children confronted with poverty and exploitation and to free them of the notion that they are helpless to change the world. All proceeds from Grège #169 will go to Free The Children to support a study grant fund for the secondary education of girls in Kenya.

“I chose the color Grège because it’s the one I’d pick to wear myself, says Natalie Portman.  “The number contains different dates that are important to me and my family.” “Grège” is also emblematic of the flagship color of the New Look imagine by Christian Dior in 1947.

Another new item that Dior added to their latest collection is the Dior Contour Nude Lipliner.  Perfectly pairs with the Nude lipcolor line, it’s non-smudging liner acts as a imperceptible base to redefine the lip to outline and create a perfectly-definied mouth.

Each Dior Nude Lipcolor is $32 and the Contour Nude Lipliner is $30 – Available this Fall.  For more information on Dior beauty, visit their website at

Dior Rouge Nude Lipcolor shades: Trompe L’oeil #123, Grège #169, Indiscrete #228, Swan #263, Trench #319, Charnelle #459, Twill #618, Esquisse #683




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