Burberry Beauty – The Essentials 

Whether you’re trying to achieve sultry evening look or a refreshing look during the day, these Burberry Beauty Essentials will have you covered.

Burberry Beauty Essentials

Top Row

LEFT: (PRIME) Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in Nude Radiance No.01. (comes in 2 shades) – This universal “liquid gold” can be used in multiple ways: to prep your skin, to add to your liquid foundation, or to highlight. Click HERE to purchase.

MIDDLE:(HIGHLIGHT) Fresh Glow Highlighter (comes in 4 shades) – Highlight the best attributes of your face and collar bone with this lightweight powder. Click HERE to purchase.

Bottom Row

TOP: (HIGHLIGHT) Fresh Glow Highlighting Luminous Pen in Nude Radiance No.01 – Whether you need touching up or you’re a regular “on the go” kind of person, this portable highlighter pen will give you that little boost of radiance wherever you go. Click HERE to purchase.

MIDDLE: (CONTOUR) Face Contour (comes in 2 shades) – This creamy lightweight texture of the Face Contour pen will help sculpt and define your cheekbones while while creating those soft shadows on your face. Click HERE to purchase.

BOTTOM: (CONTOUR) Lip Contour (comes in 4 shades) – Contouring your lips IS  thing! And with these 4 various shades, you can certainly achieve the natural shade, contour and shape of a fuller lip. Click HERE to purchase.

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