Bravo to Ballet San Jose’s Neoclassical Masters!

On March 22-24, 2013 Ballet San Jose presented a quartet of ballets. It is like a good box of Sees candies – a little something for everyone.

The first ballet ‘Les Rendezvous’, choreographed by the late, great Sir Frederick Ashton was romantic and flirty. The stage was filled with light and airy long white dresses. As the men and women glided gracefully back and forth with young love in their eyes and hearts, you were transported to a kinder, gentler time. Dancing on a cloud of white tulle with the one you love.

The second ballet ‘Méditation from Thaïs’ was danced with a black as night backdrop strewn with glowing stars. Nutnaree Pipit-Suksun and Jeremy Kovitch dressed in tangerine, red and gold with lots of sparkles danced an amazing duet. It was a short but oh so sweet performance showing the power of the mind when it comes to love. He creates Thais in his imagination so thoroughly that she appears dancing around him, her face hidden in a flowing veil. As she throws off the veil, they dance together in a celebration of love and longing. Nutnaree absolutely awed the audience. Her extensions and grace were amazing. Jeremy was no slouch either! They drew extended applause peppered with Brava!

‘Clear’, the third of the quartet was danced to the incredible music of Johann Sebastian Bach; performed by the fantastic orchestra under George Daughtry. Picture a caramel colored backdrop, warm golden light shining down upon 7 men and 1 woman in flesh toned yoga pants. Now picture all these bodies moving absolutely in sync with every musical note. This dance was a cross between ballet, modern dance and yoga. It was A-M-A-Z ING! A special kudos to lighting genius Jim French for the gold light beamed down to caress each and every muscle movement on all those bare torsos and arms. Watching the upper body isolations with each calculated movement was so mesmerizing that one forgot to watch the legs and feet! You so rarely get to see a ballet that showcases the guys. This was worth the price of admission. Each of the guys was fantastic. Oh yeah, there was a girl too. Last minute substitution Jing Zhang was really lovely to watch. She was very graceful and sinuous as she wound her way thru the men with precise movements.

Up last but not least for sure, was ‘Bruch Violin Concerto No.1’. Where do I start? 24 dancers with 4 killer duets.  Yards and yards and yards of multicolored tulle graced the stage. Fantastic violin by musical guest; the gorgeous, talented and amazing Rachel Lee. Leaping, twirling, lifting, flying, back and forth.  To sum up the evening, WOW. It was a great night, great time. The whole audience gave a standing O.

For more information on Ballet San Jose, visit their website at www.balletsj.org

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