Bold Gold Jewelry!

My husband says it best, “Liking gold comes with maturity.” And I completely agree.

In my 20’s, I wore nothing but sterling silver and swore that I will NEVER wear gold. But little did I know, when I turned 29, I started seeing jewelry in a different light. I will say that Juicy Couture is who I have to thank for opening my eyes as they immediately attracted me to their two tone pink/gold jewelry. From their necklaces, bracelets & their rings…that’s where it all started for me.

Now, I am seeing a ton of gold, gold plated or two tone (silver/gold) jewelry that are so fashionable, cute and timeless. You can pretty much find these lovely gold statements at numerous places like Tiffany & Co., Juicy Couture, Forever 21, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, to handmade pieces from your favorite designers at Etsy or the ever so popular, Pop of Chic.

Although silver pretty much goes with anything, I personally think wearing gold makes your outfit stand out. For example, if I were wearing my bright blue, fitted button down blouse with my collar up, my silver bangle will give it a nice touch. However, if I wore that exact same blouse with my Juicy Couture gold garden party bracelet, it’ll give my entire outfit a different look.

Below are some of the pieces that I have personally selected from the stores I listed. Let me know your thoughts on gold and what your favorite piece will be this Spring / Summer! Gold, you have definitely won my heart <3 [gallery]


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