Bloomingdale’s The Makeup Date – Recap 

The Makeup Date was held on Saturday, January 16th at the Bloomgdales, Stanford Shopping Center location. It was an afternoon filled with education on beauty and what the latest and greatest products are. Luckily, we got to sit front row to see it all.

The redesign of Bloomindales Stanford was already worth the trip. Even to buy a scarf for mom or a perfunctory pair of socks feels indulgent and special. I could hunker down and live there; that store is a girl who loves bling’s dream. I digress.

Lancome taught us that face oil is the newest and greatest thing, especially as we women do our best to combat – or at least work with – aging. No sense in us wearing the signs of it. Sharon Fotre, expert for Lancome, taught us that face oil is above and beyond serum; she definitely proved her point well since she revealed that she was 62 years old and didn’t look a minute over 49.

Brittany Silvera, expert for Bobbi Brown, talked to us about “strobing”. She actually made it seem easy to do while demonstrating (ha! i wish!).

Brooke Dimas, expert for La Mer,  introduced the brand’s newest “miracle broth” that is designed to address ALL signs of aging. It’s called Genaissance de La Mer. Their claim is reasonable since La Mer is well-known as being an amazing product that show results and customers don’t mind paying for the product.

Elie Pirmoradi, expert for Trish McEvoy, demoed an eye mask that is intended to get rid of all 3 of the things we all hate about our eyes – fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.

A favorite of mine was Kevin Sifflet, expert for Dior, was an abundance of energy and enthusiasm and his make up and brows were on fleek. He showed us a product called Lip Glow, which was an easy nude for anyone that required no skill to apply, which we wore on himself. He also showed us Air Flash, which was a foundation in an aerosol form. He demoed that on a model by writing the word “DIOR” on her forearm and then airbrushing it away from a few bursts from the product. That was done one-two-skidoo. He tempted me with that one.

Finally, my other favorite was Lisa Sanderson, expert from SK-II. She had me at hello. Her skin was that dewy, lit from within look that i am also striving to achieve. SK-II, which stands for Secret Key to Beautiful Skin, had a beginning or discovery much like La Mer’s and the scientist who actually uncovered that secret. SK-II was developed from a scientist’s observation of workers in a sake plant. Their faces were worn and showed signs of aging while their hands were extremely youthful.

If you’re interested in trying out any of the products listed above, definitely make worthwhile trip to Bloomingdale’s beauty department at the Stanford Shopping Center.

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