Batiste Dry Shampoo – Review

If you’re like me and love to style your hair, but follow the rule of dirty hair is easier to style or you shouldn’t wash your hair daily, then dry shampoo is perfect for you.  Some of us have oily hair and need to wash daily. For me, I can go two to three days without shampooing my hair however, I notice my bangs becoming oily and becomes difficult to style.

Batiste Dry Shampoo offers a fresh, in between answer for us hair fanatics. It’s really simple to use.

Simply shake the bottle and spray onto oily parts of your hair.  Depending on your hair color (I’m a brunette), it will leave a white powdery finish to your hair.  Work it into your hair after spraying and leave on for a couple of minutes for the powder to absorb the oils from your hair, then brush out.

For my hair, I had to repeat the spray after brushing it out the first time and the result left my bangs looking clean with a hint of fresh scent.

Batiste did come out with a dark spray for brunettes, but this one I tried was the original.  This is the second brand of dry shampoo I have used and noticed that it worked slightly better than the TRESemmé Fresh Start Spray.

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