Basking in MaskerAide

Ok stunners! I came across this brand of face masks solely on their packaging. I mean, what else would have caught my attention, right? But after doing a little digging online and learning a little more on the products they offer,  I definitely knew I wanted to try what they were selling. On their website, I love their quote of “Don’t Cover It, Care For It!” which is so true!

Say hello to MaskerAide, people! They offer a wide variety of masks to help with almost all types of fix we need for our skin, along with targeted problems such as acne, blemishes, etc.

Behold…the fabulous masks that I have in my hands (clockwise):

IN A CLUTCH (includes 6 masks)


ALL EYES ON ME (gel eye masks)

SPOTTED (targeted masks for blemishes)

TELL ME ‘POUT IT (gel mask for your lips)

So far, the masks that I’ve used have been wonderful on my skin and by far, my favorite one has been the Bubble Bubble POP mask.

Again, I absolutely love the packaging (which they actually have new product online)! These masks make for great gifts and they are especially easy to travel with if you’re on the go.

For more information on MaskerAide and their entire collection, visit their website at


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