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I have always considered wellness being part of the beauty regimen “box”. Doesn’t that saying “I need my beauty sleep” mean a lot? Getting as much rest / sleep is definitely part of taking care of yourself, which equates to feeling good and looking good.

With that being said, I was introuced to this brand last year and featured them in my beauty issue and will certainly continue to talk about this works because relaxing and getting the best sleep possible is key in my world.

Here are some new goodies to snag for yourself or that special someone this holiday:

with sleep comes beauty

A truly luxurious gift to send you into a blissful sleep. Containing four of their most loved and most potent sleep solutions, deep sleep pillow spray, deep sleep shower gel, deep sleep bath soak and deep sleep heavenly candle, this indulgent set will ensure the most peaceful of nights lies ahead. This gift set includes 4 deep sleep products: bath soak, shower gel, pillow spray and heavenly candle. Click HERE to purchase.

seventh heaven 

Enjoy a good night’s sleep every night of the week with Seventh Heaven set. The set features seven mini deep sleep pillow sprays that you gently inhale as you sleep to enjoy a good night’s rest. Click HERE to purchase.

sleep plus pillow spray + eye mask

A fast acting natural remedy to help restore healthy sleep patterns for restless sleepers. Proven to provide a better night’s sleep. Mist over bed linen, block out the world with your luxury eye mask and inhale. Click HERE to purchase.

night & day

A duo of round the clock essential oil balms, designed to calm you down or lift you up, at the same time as nourishing skin. Massage the scented balms into pulse points as desired. This set includes: a sleep balm and wake-up balm. Click HERE to purchase.

Again, if you believe in the power of aromatherapy, this brand is definitely for you or that special someone you’re gifting. For more amazing products from this works, visit their website at


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