2019 Beauty Issue – Pacifica Beauty

What I love about this time of year (other than the cooler weather) are the fabulous holiday kits that my favorite beauty brands curate at prices you can’t beat. 

With that being said, our friends at Pacifica Beauty have put together these sets together to make gift giving to your friends, family or even yourself that much easier.

Party Then, Rehab Now Stressed Skin Recovery Kit

With the love for coconut products, this kit will be your “go to” and includes: Stress Rehab Coconut & Caffeine Facial Mask, Coconut Milk Face Wash, Coconut Probiotic Cream and a Coconut Essence Coconut Hydro Mist. Click HERE to purchase.  

Mist-ical Moments Dreamy Facial Mists

This trio of mists helps your skn in multiple ways, from hydration, oil control while providing an aromatherapy that we can’t deny. This set includes: Coconut Essence Hydro Mist, Pineapple Flower Oil-Free Matte Mist, & Rose Flower Hydro Mist. Click HERE to purchase.

Glow Force Crystal Energy Skin Love

This set envokes the energy of the crystals while benefiting our skin. This includes: Watermelon Crystals Targed Face Maks, Crystal Power Hydro Mist and Crystal Youth Gem Infuced Face Lotion. Click HERE to purchase. 

To learn more about these products and see other holdiay offerings from Pacifica Beauty, visit their website at 


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