2019 Beauty Issue – Clarins

This time of year, my skin tends to require a little more TLC. The fall / winter season always seems to dry out my skin which means I use more oils which will leave my skin more hydrated than normal moisturizers.

Thankfully, Clarins has introduced a new product to add to their 100% plant base oil treatment skincare line – Plant Gold!

Plant Gold

A unique 2-in-1 oil-emulsion moisturizer formulated with 100% natural ingredients housed in an innovative dual-chamber bottle blends together the perfect balance of Clarins’ iconic Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil and a melting lotion providing skin with comfort, vitality, and radiance.

Aromatic Blue Orchid extract and Patchouli essential oil helps tone, restore radiance and vitality. A blend of Hazelnut — rich in Omega 9 and vitamin E — Sweet Almond, Macadamia and Grape Seed plant oils help soften and nourish skin, thanks to their high content of fatty acids. Wintergreen extract, an anti-microbial plant, provides natural preservatives. Click HERE to purchase. 

The other products in their oil based skincare line are: 

Blue Orchid Treatment Oil

A hydrating treatment oil that revitalizes and tones, restores radiance, soften and smoothes, along with minimizing fine lines. Click HERE to purchase. 

Santal Treatment Oil

For more of an extra dry skin (on your face), this Skin Calming treatment oil is what you’re looking for! It calms redness and irritation, along with restoring radiance, softens and smoothes. Click HERE to purchase. 

Relax Body Treatment Oil 

All of the benefits of the facial oils made for your body, all the while releiving stress and fatigue, soothes aching muscles and carries an aromatherapy benefit. Click HERE to purchase.  

Tonic Body Treatment Oil 

Firming body treatment oil creates a total feeling of wellbeing. An aromatic blend of essential oils—including Geranium, Mint, and Rosemary—visibly firms, tones and improves elasticity, reducing the appearance of stretch marks caused by pregnancy and weight loss. Click HERE to purchase




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