2019 Beauty Issue – Boob Tape

If you’re like me and have pretty good sized girls but struggle to find the right bra to wear with those strapless dresses, spaghetti strap tops, or want something that’s discreet, this might be an alternative that would work for you.

It’s been used for many years in the fashion industry, and stylists love to use it for the celebrities but have you ever tried tape as an alternate to bras? I have tried a couple of not so household brands of sticky tape bras, but they never seem to work.  So, when I heard about Boob Tape, I had to try them to see what the hype is about.

Boob Tape offers a few various styles:

Shorty Cut Bra Tape

The shorty cut is perfect for: Lighter breasts, Perky or voluminous breasts, Breast implants, Clothing styles with lower necklines, Women that want less coverage, To wear with a bath suit, A-E cup.  This set includes: 3 sets of one time use Shorty Cut Boob Tape and 3 sets of nipple covers.

Classic Cut

The classic cut is perfect for: Large or heavy breasts that need extra support and lift, clothing styles that have higher necklines, women that want more coverage, A-E cup, and taller women. It includes: 3 sets of one time use Classic Cut Boob Tape and 3 sets of nipple covers.

Straight Breast Tape

Straight Tape is perfect for: All breast sizes, any style of clothing, women who want a custom lift they can control, best choice for women have very saggy breasts or little volume in their breasts, A-G cup. It includes: 1 roll of Straight Tape ( 5cm x 5m) and 3 sets of nipple covers.

I had the opportunity to try the classic cut. What’s great is you can certainly cut them to customize for what you are wearing.  Unfortunately, for as much as I cut them, the top part was still showing through my strappy top and it wouldn’t hold up with how I cut the tape.  Also, they are only made to wear the one time so, if  you have to keep adjusting, it will also lose the sticky strength to it.  If you have sensistive skin, it might not be the right fit as I have sensitive skin and parts of it turned red and blotchy after removing the tape. This is my take on this product however, it could work completely different with other shapes and skin types.

For more information on Boob Tape, visit their website at


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