2015 Beauty Issue – Glossybox Subscription!

Have you ever wanted to try various beauty brands and products but don’t want to bother with pressure from sales reps or shopping for hours at the boutiques and stores?  Well, beauty box subscriptions are the answers to those questions!

And with so many subscriptions boxes out there (I have tried a few), the latest subscription I tested was Glossybox.  Not only are their products great with unique and well known brands, it’s custom to your needs, and what you’re interested in.

Glossybox - Generic

What I love about this beauty box is the no hassle subscription plans.  Create a profile and you can purchase month to month or up to 12 months (paid in full). The boxes include 5-6 luxury-sized cosmetic and wellness samples hand-picked by Glossybox’s beauty experts.

Glossybox - Subscription Plan

A great example of the box is what I received in October.  It was a gorgeous collaboration with one of my favorite artists, Jamie Lee Reardin.  The special box for October not only had a Viva La France theme, it included beautiful reds in nail polish and lipgloss, exfoliating gel, le soft perfume, hair protectant spray, hydrating oil.

This subscription is also great to gift to that friend of yours who absolutely wants to try new products without the hassle of going to the beauty store. It’s like surprising them every month!

For more information on Glossybox and their brands, please visit their website at


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