2014 Beauty Issue – Texturize Your Do!

Last year when I decided to cut my long hair into a short bob, my fabulous hair dresser sprayed this little thing called texture spray in my hair and ever since then I was hooked!  I seriously can’t go without spraying this goodness in my hair, especially after I just washed it (yes I know…don’t judge me). However, it gives my hair more control and makes it more managable, gives it less static, reduces the annoying fly aways, etc. Below are my top 6 texture sprays that I have used and my hair has fallen for.

Texture Spray

Left to Right

  • Dry Bar / Triple Sec – The latest product added to the family is a 3-in-1 spray that texturizes, amplifies & refreshes. One of my favorite things about Drybar is the scent of their sprays however, this new product not only adds the volume to my hair when I want, it also absorbs the oils in between washes. A major plus in my book! Comes in a travel size (seen above) and full size. Click HERE to purchase. 
  • Shu Uemura Art of Hair / Texture Wave – This spray helps to build volume with its buildable texture and as mentioned earlier, leaving my fine hair more manageable to where I can create various styles and looks.  Again, perfect for use in between washes. Click HERE to purchase.
  • Redken / Fashion Waves 07 – This sea salt spray leaves your hair feeling like you’ve been at the beach all day.  I did notice that I had to spray this more than a couple of times to achieve the texture that I’m looking for however, the more I sprayed (on my dry hair), the more my hair got moist (note this spray is a mist and not a dry spray…there is a huge difference between the two). If you want those beachy waves, this is certainly the spray to create that look. You can find this where Redken is sold or in store at Ulta. 
  • Blowpro / Textstyle – A spray that works fast and gets the job done. This dry spray helps when I want to create that somewhat messy bun look and adds the texture to my hair without the sticky feeling of hairspray.  Comes in a full and travel size – easy for stowing in your purse! Click HERE to purchase.
  • KMS California / Playable Texture – Before braiding my hair, I spray this playable texture spray and I feel that the style I created, whether it’s braids, twists, or buns, seem to hold better, especially with my bobby pins all over my head.  This is a dry spray and leaves your hair feeling more natural as if you skipped a wash…but in a good way. Click HERE to purchase. 
  • Oribe / Dry Texturing Spray – On the days where I want to curl my hair with my favorite curling wand, I spray a little of this to get my hair ready. For my hair, it’s almost best to not put too much product in it to hold my curls, but having this dry texturing spray leaves my hair feeling great and I can manage the style better. This magical spray goes a very long way, so I tend to not spray too much of it. Comes in a full and travel size too. Click HERE to purchase. 

Needless to say, all of these texture sprays do the job in helping me style and manage my hair.  It’s just a matter of preference on the scents (which they all smell great), the price and where you can get our hands on the product.




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  1. Yesssss, Oribe for the win! Love that brand and the scent is to die for!

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity

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