2014 Beauty Issue – Lotion Yon-Ka

Yonka Lotion Yon-Ka

It’s wintertime again and along with that comes the dreaded dry skin. I found that the top of my forehead was getting flaky towards the end of the day with dry skin until I tried the Lotion Yon-Ka!

Basically smells like a spa in a bottle, which brings me to a relaxed, happy place. After cleansing, I apply the Lotion Yon-Ka all over my face and immediately I noticed that my skin was brighter and that my pores were smaller. For the rest of the day my skin felt hydrated without being oily at all and no flaking from dry skin! My skin found its new best friend and savior for this cold weather.

The Lotion Yon-Ka, PS is a limited edition and subject to availability.  For more information on this amazing product, please visit

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