2013 Beauty Issue – Keep Calm and Light Those Candles

We all know that candles can certainly set the mood and create a romantic scene, but I prefer lighting fragrant candles to channel a little tranquility and calmness to my day. Aromatherapy is one that I truly believe in because it hits the sense of smell which triggers my super busy brain and helps me take it a step down and relax.

Here are 5 candles that will have me in peace during this crazy but fabulous holiday season. These also make the perfect stocking stuffers as well!

Keep Calm Candles

Top Left: Fresh – Brown Sugar Candle leaves a sweeter scent to the room with it’s blend of caramel, citrus and musk.  I like to light this while I’m getting ready for my day or while working away on the computer. Click HERE to purchase.

Top Middle: Voluspa – Santiago Huckleberry leaves a fruity scent with a mixture of huckleberry and vanilla.  The scent is amazing and carries throughout a room, even when not lit. Click HERE to purchase.

Top Right: White Barn Home – Harvest Gathering brings out the best of the season with it’s scent of fruit and cinnamon.  The perfect candle to light when hosting holiday parties. Click HERE to purchase.

Bottom Left: Diptyque Paris – Holiday Collection Indian Incense brings out bold, rich, floral scents.  I personally like to light this one at night, right before bed.  Click HERE to purchase.

Bottom Right: Laura Mercier – Votive Candle Sampler Collection is great to have as it has a collection of 4 various scents of Ombre Vanillé, Crème Brûlée, Fresh Fig and exclusive Tarte au Citron.  These are great to travel with or give out as a gift.  Click HERE to purchase.


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