2012 Beauty Issue – Winks by Georgie

False lashes have become a staple in my make up collection.  It can create a soft to dramatic look instantly, even without wearing eye shadow or eye liner. I was introduced to Winks by Georgie last year and have since been wearing their lashes.  My favorite part about Winks by Georgie is the compact that comes with the original lashes (No.1, No.2 & No. 3) themselves.  Convenient for on the go and for touching up purposes!

This year, Winks by Georgie added 7 more styles to their collection, making it a total of 10 various ways to bat your lashes.

La Vie Charme No. 4

The best-selling style easily goes from day to night.  It’s fuller on the ends creating a subtle yet seductive cat-eye shape. CLICK HERE to purchase.


Midnight Muse No. 5

A voluminous crisscross design that is thicker at the base providing a perfectly-defined eye. CLICK HERE to purchase.


Mademoiselle No. 6

Cluster design mimics the lengths of natural lashes.  A perfect step between half lashes and full strip lashes. CLICK HERE to purchase.


L’Amour No. 7

With a delicate crisscross design and soft flare, L’Amour lashes create a dreamy, romantic look. CLICK HERE to purchase.


Bon Ton No. 8

Half lashes designed to accentuate and lift the outer corners of the eyes for a bright-eyed look. And that’s not the only reason this style is special…two sets of lashes are included in one package (four lashes total)! CLICK HERE to purchase.


Belle No. 9

Belle lashes are a combination of individual and flare lashes for natural volume exactly where you want it. CLICK HERE to purchase.


Ma Jolie No. 10

Ma Jolie lashes are individual lashes to place on top or bottom for perfectly-positioned natural volume. CLICK HERE to purchase.


For more information on Winks by Georgie and Georgie Beauty, visit their website at  Winks by Georgie can be purchased at the following online retailers:





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