100% Pure – Herbal Detox Mask


100% Pure - Herbal Detox Mask

I’ve always wanted to add a mask of some type to my skincare regimen without the scare of irritatation or breakout my already sensitive skin.

I was recently introduced to 100% Pure products and one of them was the Herbal Detox Mask. I’m always skeptical about beauty products claiming to be 100% organic and all natural but after reading the ingredients I was happy to see that this was just that.

After applying a small amount of the Herbal Detox Mask to my face, I didn’t feel the tingle nor sometimes cooling sensation of some exfoliants or masks that I’ve tried. I also noticed that it did dry pretty quickly (2-3 minutes) compared to some thay will take about 10+ minutes.

After washing the mask off my face and patting it dry, I always like to touch my face to see how my skin feels. This particular mask, I thought, left my skin a bit dry, but I did follow it with my night cream.

Overall thought is: I plan to continue using it to see the result of minimal pores and a pure complexion.  I do recommend this product for those that are looking for organic and natural skincare.

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