The Vow – Movie Review

If you read my previous post about movies in 2012, The Vow was one of the movies I told myself to watch this year.  After reading the plot and learning that movie was based on true events, I definitely had to see it.

The premiss of the story was a couple who falls in love and gets married;  their lives are turned upside down after being in an awful car accident, leaving the wife with memory loss of their relationship but remembering everything else from her past.  Channing Tatum stars as Leo, the husband fighting to win the memory and love back from his wife Paige, played by Rachel McAdams.

It was sad from the beginning of the movie as the accident took place pretty quickly, then pans out to flashbacks of the courtship and marriage of the young couple.  Paige was a sculpture artist and Leo owned his own recording studio.  From the reminiscent of their lives together, it was clear that the couple were so much in love with one another, so the thought of losing your other half’s memory leaves you thinking; how much can you do to regain the life you had together?  I personally thought the movie could have been much better as I expected a lot more drama, however, there were a couple of ‘tear jerker’ moments. I felt a little lost when it came down to Paige’s family and why she did not talk to her parents and sister for over 5 years.  Leo, trying to be the better person, tries to explain Paige’s past to her, then decides that it’s time to let go of her and their forgotten relationship, hoping for one day her memory will recover.

I would rate this movie a 2.


3 – Blockbuster Hit (Will return to the theatre to see again)

2 – Wait until it comes out on Netflix or DVD

1 – Don’t waste your time


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