The Blue Man Group Electrifies San Jose!

Like most people, I have only seen on tv and heard of this phenomenon of men in blue. Until last night that is. The opening night of the eccentric group of guys that can only be called The Blue Man Group. And they sure wowed San Jose at the Center for the Performing Arts.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I came prepared to have a great time. The show immediately started with a TelePrompTer that had the audience interacting, laughing and yes, paying attention to the messages. How clever of them to get our attention via technology. And technology certainly played a major role in the performances along with intense music that had your body moving to the beat.

The blue men (3 of them) on stage entertained the room for an hour and a half with colorful paint to bring their music to life, digital dancing, walking around the isles, having audience participate onstage to my now favorite song “Shake Your Euphemism”! Who knew that your squash tart had other names? I was fixated on the facial expressions (or lack there of) they had and how they communicates during each performance. With a head nod, eye movement, they were in sync!

The finale, was THE best part. I don’t want to ruin it for you newbies out there who plan to see the run while The Blue Man Group is in San Jose. Playing now through April 7, 2013.

Visit www.broadwaysanjose.com to purchase your tickets!


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