Tarina Tarantino – Acid Cameo Gyotoku Necklace Giveaway

If you’re a fan of the sparkle queen, Tarina Tarantino, then you know how fabulous her pieces are from hair accessories, earrings, necklaces, rings and more! Now is your chance to win a beautiful necklace from the Acid Cameo collection, the Gyotoku Necklace in Argon Blue. Tarina is wearing the long Gyotoku necklace as seen in the photo above.

Acid Cameo – Gyotoku Necklace

Valued at $120.99


Follow the steps below to enter.  GOOD LUCK!



Founder / Editor & Chief

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  1. Julie DiJohn says:

    I would wear this beautiful necklace with a lovely silvery v-neck sweater that i have. it would set it off nicely! Thanks for the giveaway, Tarina and the Stunning Post!

  2. Pearl D. says:

    What a great necklace! I love the sparkle factor of the Tarino Tarantino line! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. Mandy Mefford says:

    I’d wear this with my favorite corset & skirt!

  4. Kaitlin Aase says:

    I would wear this necklace with some bright pink shorts, some turquoise heels, and an oversized light gray sweater. Lots of bangles too! Love this necklace <3

  5. Aurora Val-Rod says:

    Good Luck Everyone!! 😀


    *sorry for the all-caps….it’s my only way to express my extreme enthusiasm! LoL =)

  7. Michelle Washburn says:

    I would wear it with my awesomely huge sweater collection, over sized sweaters would be best.

  8. Shay Canty says:

    This is the most exciting give away you have had so far! I love Tarina Tarantino so much…pretty much everything she does is amazing. I can’t wait to win this and wear it all the time. It will add a little glamour to this housewife’s day.

  9. Martha says:

    I’d wear this gorgeous piece with my favorite LBD and heels/boots for a night out around town 🙂 Truly love your designs, Tarina!! XO

  10. Martha De La Rosa says:

    I’d wear this gorgeous piece with my favorite LBD and heels/boots for a night out around town Truly love your designs, Tarina!! XO

  11. debra wilson says:

    i would wear this with agreat paair of jeans, white tailored top,and a black fur vest, this piece has so many possabilities, it

  12. ramona says:

    I would wear it with a solid top so the necklace would pop! a pair of jeans and some boots.

  13. Malia Jomok says:

    I would wear this with my new snake print top I got with some dark demin jeans and my new boots!!

  14. Mari Mercado says:

    The necklace is fabulous!!! The bold colors and Cameo speak for itself…..So something simple would really set off this necklace….I would wear it with a Black V neck blouse, and a dark pair of jeans…..With a pair of heels to match the blue tone in the Cameo 🙂 i would pull my hair up in a Barbie stule pony tail to make sure this necklace can be seen 🙂

  15. I’d pair this with my black palazzo pants and black tee. This necklace would give a great pop of color. =) Good luck to all the contestants!

  16. Catherine Garcia says:

    I think I’d wear it with my favorite sweater. It’s adorable!

  17. Oh….the possibilities!!! Of course this necklace would go with anything in my wardrobe, and just about everything on my wishlist, but hmmmm….perfect outfit for the Cameo Acid – Gyotoku necklace in Argon…

    I’d probably stay true to the roots of where Tarina got her inspiration from!! Harajuku, Japan!

    Sticking to a palate of turquoise, black & white (with black being my main garment color to show off this long beauty, I’d put on a sheer black & black lace long sleeved puffed shoulder top with a pop of a white lace Peter Pan collar I just got in the mail from “”. I’d find a lime green, turquoise & white plaid Vintage tweed above the knee skirt over thick opaq

    1. miss rockwell says:

      Id wear it with the blue bow ring I bought from you! It would be a PURRRFECT fit!

  18. (Oh NO! I HIT THE SPACE BAR!! Oops!! heehee…) Anyways, continued (haha!):
    Thick opaque Turquoise tights, or leggings on a cold day! And the feet would have to be adorned in these extreme platform brit-pop boots with loafer-fringe detailing by Irregular Choice on ->

    Add a traditional yet modern Black wool tailored coat (worn unbuttoned to show the jewelry!) with an oversized slouchy hood or cowl neck fo extra warmth. Top with a sparking hot pink vintage costume jeweled heart ring to match my pink & turquoise hair, logng straight bangs & the rest lengthened with extensions in a soft waves to coinside with the long length of the fabulous necklace around my neck!!!

    Add a beautiful black velvet headband with black bow wrapping around my head, and a simple white gold or silver vintage heart shaped locket on a thin shorter chain to mix up with Tarina’s long neon pop-art classic beauty cameo with a sweet white heart bead assymetrically on one side! Keep the earrings simple, some lime acid green drops, and black nail polish to top off the goth lolita look!!!

    I LOVE Tarina’s style, her mix of casual, with shimmering & ~*special sparkles*~ to throw you into a land of fantasy, future, and generations past!

    What an awesome giveaway Rommellyn!!! And Tarina is helping you & all your fans have the opportunity to win this luxurious & truly special piece of her collection! How awesome is that,?!! It shows what a truly good heart she has & how grounded she is to all her customers, fans, & admirers! Thanks for giving us ALL the chance to be a part of a really awesome giveaway experience!! 😉

  19. I would strut my stuff by paring this stunning Acid cameo with a black lace mini skirt with basic white tee to showcase the beautiful necklace and some black strappy platform heels. I would wear my hair down with smokey eye make up and nude lip. Its all about the necklace baby!

  20. I would LOVE to wear this Cameo necklace with a knee length jet black dress, soft aqua colored leggings, a cute pink satchel annnnd NEON yellow shoes like these Ego and Greed wedges.

    Perfect mates! 🙂


  21. Christine Kroog says:

    I would wear this necklace with my little black dress! The necklace is a stunner, so it doesn’t need anything busy to go along with it. It would be the perfect accessory for upcoming Holiday parties!

  22. christina dimberio says:

    I would wear this necklace with a long over-sized sweater and leggings with either heels or boots!

  23. Natasha says:

    Omg EEK!!! Love this and would wear it always and forever – thanks for this giveaway!!!!

  24. Athanasia says:

    I would wear this necklace with my blue & gray striped sweater, jeans & gray knee high suede boots.

  25. Rosa Cambara says:

    I would wear the Gyotoku Necklace with a lovely simple white sweater, blue jeans and boots… Thanks for the giveaway 😉

  26. Florencia says:

    I need this <3 I love Tarina's jewellery, but I can't order online 'cause I probably couldn't afford the shipping.

  27. Katherine says:

    I’d wear this with my silk p.j’s n furry slippers while I vaccuum! Weeeee!

  28. I’d wear this necklace with a grey and white striped v neck sweater, dark grey jeans or shorts and my sparkly turquoise/teal colored vans belt. and my silver sparkly flats.

  29. Erica Perino says:

    I love how Tarina’s jewelry can transform any girl into a princess! Teacher by day, fabulous by night! Love it! Better yet, even my 3 year old daughter Carlana covets it! She always makes me show her pictures of the jewelry on Facebook on my iPod, lol! Car Car says I should wear it with a black dress and silver Chuck Ts, lol. I told her I don’t have silver Chuck Ts-SHE does! So she responded that she should get the necklace instead of me. I told her if I win, I’ll share. She told me that’s very kind if me:)
    <3 Erica (& 3 year old Carlana:)

  30. Katherine gee says:


  31. I would wear the necklace with a nice simple black dress and heals. that way the colors would really pop on the necklace. Make that the focus point of my outfit. Or if i wanted to be a bit casual I would wear dark skinny jeans and a black top to once again set off the colors. Thank you so much for doing this. Any time I wear any of my TT things I always get compliments and Im like yeah isnt she the best. 😀
    Keep up all the great work,


  32. I’ve been a fan of her stuff for a long LONGGGG time. Crossing my fingers in hopes I become the winner!

  33. Franka Tomasi says:

    Is the winner randomly chosen and is this available worldwide?

    I’d probably wear it with more neutral, pale colors, cute retro sneakers, smaller purse, white head band with hair up, and a bright, candy like make up.

    1. Rommellyn says:

      Hi Franka – I will chose who has the best answer and it’s available to anyone.

  34. Katie Collura says:

    What a GORGEOUS necklace! Tarina never dissapoints with her beautiful collections 😀

  35. Chanel Chakko says:

    I would love to pair this with a vintage style blue dress that I have. It has a great Victorian rose pattern that would complement the style of this not so classic cameo piece. I love the mix of vintage with modern that Tarina has done so well here. I hope I get to be the one to wear it!

    1. miss rockwell says:

      That sounds adorable!

  36. nikki says:

    Omg Omg Omg I loves it!!!

  37. Heidi says:

    I would wear this beautiful necklace with a black tunic top with lace on the back and a pair of dark gray skinny jeans & of course some killer black closed- toe leather wedges. I would add my black big buddah bag as the finishing touch. Definitely want the necklace to be that only pop of color for the focal point!!!!

  38. Marisol says:

    I would wear this cute necklace with a turquoise silk blouse that has ruffles on the front, with some white capris and Steve Madden heels in white! I would accessorize with a white purse and some turquoise flowers in my hair! This necklace would be the PERFECT accessory for my outfit for work at my salon! 🙂

  39. The lace collared blouse that I made and these awesome 70’s and these fantastic wide-leg pants.

    All that is missing is this awesome possum necklace:)

  40. The lace collared blouse that I made and these fantastic 70’s wide-leg pants.

    All that is missing is this awesome possum necklace:)

  41. Michelle Saysy says:

    This piece could be worn with anything, or with nothing on at all :p if I win this piece, Tarina you will not be disappointed with my chosen outfit. Thanks for this contest, you are the epiphany of SPARKLE


  42. Maria Gudino says:

    I would wear this amazing necklace with My white blazer and My little black dress… I would wear this with My brown steve madden boots!!!

  43. KAREN PEPPE says:

    I would wear it with ALL my favorite black sweaters all winter, and come spring, wear it with my white sundresses and my turquoise sweater.

  44. Miss Tayva says:

    I have an aqua lurex sweater with rhinestone buttons that I’ve been itching to wear alongside a pink petticoat skirt and lime green tights. I can’t think of a better accessory than this!

  45. Catherine McDonald says:

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Mari Martinez says:

    What outfit would I wear this with? How about every outifit! I wear something of tarinas just about everyday! Regardless of what color I am wearing the bold, bright sparkling colors match with just about everything if you make it work. Love her jewelry and love her makeup!

  47. Frankie says:

    I would probably give this to my mother as a gift. She loves this style of jewelry. And if she didn’t want it, I would keep it for myself because it’s sooo darn cute.

  48. Helen Hevia says:

    I love this piece! I would love to wear it with a pink cashmere sweater & jeans.

  49. Sal Lopez says:

    I love to keep it a simple with a gorgeous statement piece….I’m seeing a white v-neck, blue jeans, and a killer tan! fun and fresh.


  50. Heather Tilley says:

    I’d wear it with all my other Tarina Tarantino Jewlery!!

  51. I love this necklace, I can wear it with high-waisted trousers and an elegant blouse,
    for a boho-chic outfit!
    Thanks for this chance and good luck to everybody!

  52. Lisa Eicholtz says:

    Well the possibilities are endless…it could be either my pink sweater or my citrus green sweater paired with jeans and boots, or with one of my many solid black tops and jeans or black skirt and boots…love the colors!!

  53. Johnee Saylor says:

    I’d wear it with just about anything. But the first idea that comes to mind is with a black maxi dress and red lipstick. 🙂

  54. Clarissa says:

    I would like to wear it with my favorite black dress, and my new Miu Miu white shoes!! So romantic…… 🙂

  55. Christine Phillips says:

    Hello Stunners!
    I would partner this gorgeous piece with everything I possibly could! Yet I do have one outfit in mind! I would wear this with a black corset dress with tulle frill underneath, light gray tights with high betsey black lace up booties. I would then pair up my makeup with silver and aqua eyeshadow, black cat eye liner and finish it off with Tarina pink lipstick! I’m already dreaming of the combinations!

    XO ~ Christine Phillips

  56. Nicole Hoagland says:

    I would wear a pair of fitted jeans with a white fitted v-neck cotton shirt and turq. colored heels.

  57. Jessica Magana says:

    This necklace is absolutely stunning!! I would wear this necklace with a little midnight blue dress and a pair of neon green heels.

  58. sarah says:

    It would be a great addition to any outfit. A t-shirt and jeans, a fancy party dress with a very poofy skirt. Its always a good idea to bling up any outfit.

  59. Gabriel says:

    Nothing else than the necklace.

  60. Brenda Cushman says:

    It would look great with a maxi dress in a nice color like dark aqua! It is stunning my jewelry box is calling.

  61. I would wear this with anything just to show it off! I <3 everything from Tarina's jewelry collections! Perfect for a LBD, but heck, I'd wear it with a bathrobe!

  62. Jennifer Howell says:

    I’d wear it with a funky shirt and jeans for dressy casual or with a little black dress…a black sweater dress would be great. I think black would really show this necklace off and give it the attention it deserves…such a pretty piece.

  63. Rebecca says:

    I would wear this with a plain beige off shoulder shirt that has glitter in the thread with a pair of fabulous jeans and some heels that accentuate the colors in the necklace. Hair would be sleek and shiny……The jewelry/heels would be the accessories in this outfit : )

  64. Sara Motomura-Broida says:

    I will wear that beautiful tarina tarantino necklace with my favorite purple kimono….. If I win it I will wear the necklace and kimono on a new year’s day!

  65. Jaymie Williams says:

    I would wear this with my favorite black dress! It is great!!

  66. miss rockwell says:

    Id give this cameo a bohemian sheik feel by wearing it with my white peasant dress and cowboy boots and layer it with some tarantino bangles. Marie Antoinette meets Urban cowgirl.

  67. Christine Scales says:

    great necklace would love to wear it.

  68. Rachel Ilagan says:

    Asymmetrical blouse with jeans and ugg boots

  69. Nhi Yen Pham says:

    I would wear my favorite black dress and a waist belt with this awesome necklace.

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