Stunning Eyeliner Roundup

Minimal shadows with dramatic eyeliners were my favorite looks from the most recent fashion shows to hit New York, London and Milan.  For us regular civilians that don’t live in the fashion madness and don’t have a makeup artist in hand at all times, I’ve selected 5 eyeliners that will create effortless yet stunning depth to your eyes.

First, let me explain that eyeliners are my top “go to” make up must haves but also one of my worst enemies at the same time.  It’s never good to have an eyeliner that creases, smudges, fades and most of all one that does not do the job in creating the simple look you’re going for.  That’s why I selected the top 5 liners that I have recently used and found to be worth the bang for your buck!


1. Chantecaille – Le Stylo (CLICK HERE to purchase)

4. Eyeko – Skinny Liner (CLICK HERE to purchase)

5. Dior – Diorshow Art Pen (CLICK HERE to purchase)

These three pen liners have been my favorites thus far.  Chantecaille’s Le Stylo and Dior’s Diorshow Art Pen came in a dramatic black which is my go to color to use on a regular basis.  Le Stylo has a rounded, thicker tip for a more dramatic look, where the Diorshow Art Pen has a thinner pointy tip to create those thinner lines for an every day look.  Eyeko’s Skinny Liner in Purple only gave a slight purple hue to the liner which is great for wearing on a daily basis as well.  All three liners did not smudge or fade and most of all lasted all day.  Did I also mention that these are as convenient as they come?  You can carry them with you in your clutch, small makeup bag or throw in your tote for that last minute change to your look.


2. Laura Mercier – Crème Eye Liner (CLICK HERE to purchase)

Creme liners are a hit and miss for me.  Most of the time, they crease and smudge.  Laura Mercier’s Crème Eye Liner actually surprised me with how well put and easy it was to apply using the Laura Mercier Angled Eye Liner Brush.  The Canard creme liner was bold and gave my eyes a unique color to it which I think is fun for those days or nights where you want a fun, exotic look.


3. Le Metier de Beaute – Indelible Inks Eye Liner (CLICK HERE to purchase)

If I can put a crown on this liner, I would.  The gel-based formula is what gives the immaculate sheen finish and I love how it comes complete with an ultra fine brush to create the precise lines, whether thick or thin.  The Artemis is a darker navy hue and in certain lights reflect that navy color.  I’m a little embarrassed to admit this but I did sleep with the liner on overnight and to my surprise it did not smudge, fade, or wear off whatsoever.


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