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I am probably one of many people who do not get facials on a regular basis.  I have seriously only had 2 facials prior to walking into this amazing hidden jewel of a place in the heart of Los Gatos, Studio Joule.  The reason for my “lack there of” treatments is because I have very sensitive skin.  I developed a mild case of Dermatographic Urtiaria, also known as skin writing.  A condition in which the skin becomes raised and inflamed when stroked, scratched, rubbed, etc.  Therefore, I’m really cautious about doing anything invasive, especially with my face.

When I finally had a conversation with one of the owners, Pauline, she convinced me to come down and get a facial.  I have known Pauline for a very long time and am a little embarrassed that it has taken me this long to get a facial with her.  I mentioned to her my newly developed skin condition and she assured me that the treatment I will receive will be gentle and mild.  After all, the last facial I had was about 3 years ago.



Prior to starting the facial treatment, I had a brief consultation brought in my products from home so we can make the best choices for the needs of my skin. Some people have an arsenal of products and may have not been educated on how to use them..and in some cases they may be using some of the same products similar ingredients, different lines.

Facial Steps: consultation cleansing steam & exfoliation extractions face & neck massage mask therapy (additionanal in between treats….hydrating spritzes, warm stones, eye & lip hydration)



Products are designed to deliver results and we really work closely with the clients progress, they are pharmacuetically based, so there isn’t any fluffy fragrances.  We also have an organic Green Tea Line and a specialized serum.

Classic Joule $90

Customized Joule Facials $130 (will include all steps in classic joule facial) and may include a peel, organic grain microdermabrasion, collagen treatment etc.

Petite Joule $75 (all the steps in the classic joule minus the face & neck massage)  Good for those a bit short on time.

Teen Clean $60 Great for the pre-teen, teen who is experiencing skin issues, we also will educate them on the importance of a skin regime.(the usually will listen to us….more than their moms!)

Al a Carte Resurfacing Peels $75 Vivite Glycolic -great results, no downtime…just simply glowing skin!  Mandeli Peel, addresses hyperpigmentation, rejuvnates and brightens.  (series and package pricing available)

I walked out feeling rejuvenated, with dewy, glowing and amazing skin.  Most importantly, my sensitive skin was not at all affected in a bad way and did not leave me with a red blotchy face. What I really liked about my facial at Studio Joule was how it can be customized to my skin’s specific needs to restore and replenish!  Pauline sent me home with the Studio Joule Ultra Gentle Cleanser, Studio Joule Eye Serum and Enspri Sheer Ceramide to use on a daily basis to clean and hydrate my dry to normal skin.  I tell you, I have used these products daily and the glowing look that I long for certainly shows.  Thanks so much Pauline for the amazing facial!


Contact Pauline or Keala for your next appointment

Studio Joule

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