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If you’re like me, you’ve been applying makeup in front of so many various types of mirrors.  From your bathroom mirror, compact mirror, closet mirror, handheld mirror, you name it.  I’m sure we’ve all used these kinds of mirrors at some point in time.

But have you ever tried light up mirrors? I know there are a variety of them out in the market but this was the first time I have used them and I have to say that they are a true game changer.

Let me introduce you to Riki Loves Riki!

I was able to try out two sets of their most popular mirrors, the Riki Skinny, which is great for a desktop, and the Riki Cutiea handheld mirror you can throw into your purse or makeup bag.

What I personally like about the two mirrors is how lightweight, compact and easy to use they are. With their adjustable lighting/dimming options, you can pretty much apply your makeup just about anywhere while detecting any unfinished makeup you may have missed. 

The Riki Skinny includes:

(1) Adjustable stand
(1) Magnetic phone clip
(1) Magnetic 3x mirror
(1) Dual USB power supply for recharging internal battery

Bluetooth compatible for easy use of taking photos from your phone or camera

The Riki Cutie includes:

(1) Soft carrying sleeve
(1) Micro USB cable

I was definitely hooked after trying these two mirrors, even on the first go around.  For more information on Riki Loves Riki, visit their website at 


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