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I don’t know about you, but having seen those infomercials on TV about shape wear didn’t really interest me much.  Maybe because the visualization of wearing a jumpsuit under your clothes just seemed too much for me…that was until I was introduced to ResultWear by d’Mondaine.

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I had the privilege of meeting the designer herself, Kiana Anvaripour and let me say this, before I knew it was her standing in front of me, the first thing I said to myself was “Wow!  That dress she’s wearing is gorgeous!”  It was a simple, black, long sleeve chiffon dress accented with a thin black belt.  I was taken aback by Kiana during our lunch meeting when she revealed that she was actually wearing one of her very own slips, the ‘Marilyn’.   I almost couldn’t believe it because the dress she was wearing looked absolutely flawless as if it were one piece.

Here’s a diagram of how the ‘Marilyn’ works to shape the body.

The Marilyn is the classic slip which comes in two colors: black & nude.  It has a zippered back, which makes for an easy getting in and out of.  Okay, so after having a somewhat light salad for lunch, I decided to try the piece myself.  I couldn’t believe how remarkably comfortable the Marilyn fit.  It certainly molded to my body shape, yet gave me the little waist that I knew was there and literally contoured what I know are my own areas of imperfection.  The best part about the Marilyn is the built in bra.  For us busty ladies, it gives the support and keeps us maintained while giving the braver ones (who like to show off their assets) the bust and cleavage you’re looking for. What I immediately noticed about the piece is how smooth the fabric felt, almost like second skin.  After having tried on the Marilyn, I was already hooked.  I didn’t want to get out of it.  However, Kiana suggested that I try on the ‘Jane’, which is the contouring bra.  Having been to numerous places and trying on a variation of bras that I wasn’t happy with, I was almost speechless when I put on the Jane.  It felt as if I wasn’t wearing a thing, yet gave me the support & look I have been searching for.

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ResultWear by d’Mondaine pieces are definitely at the top of my list of recommendations.  Any of the pieces from the collection will make you feel sexy, confident and comfortable.

For more information on ResultWear by d’Mondaine, please visit their website at and exclusively sold at Neiman Marcus stores or online at


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