Patyka Skin Care – Review

There’s something about all things French. And I don’t know if it’s real or perceived. The French have a style and a diet apparently, upon which many books have been written, enough maybe to take up an entire shelf in Barnes and Noble. Have you ever noticed that even the French Vogues are a little more expensive than the British or Spanish ones?

So there’s this new line – Patyka – carried only at Neiman Marcus for right now and it’s French and I love it very much. There’s no exaggeration there either. I like to consider myself a purveyor of fine skincare if you will. I love reading about it, talking about it and definitely trying it out. I am game for most anything – that can be packaged up and sold. I am also already a huge fan of things organic and/or as close to natural as possible; I figure what keeps our bodies performing at their peak is organic and natural, so it makes sense to me that the body probably responds well to products close to their natural source. And a line’s decision not to do trials on and hurt little animals in the process is a bonus for me.

Patyka’s skin booster face and body serum (though I use it exclusively on my face it feels so good) is loaded with the good stuff that keeps my face feeling soft, supple and hydrated throughout the day – and that’s a large claim for someone with very dry skin. I love the look of dewy skin on those days I decide to go sans make up, which Patyka delivers, but it also sits well underneath and enhances without interrupting my layers of moisturizer, sunblock, primer and make up too.

Then there’s the body cream that feels like pure decadence. The geranium scent is subtle, but also still manages to lift the senses a bit too as it lingers all day long. It’s rich and thick like a cream, but goes on like a lighter lotion. I feel so fancy sitting on my gold lamé stool (oh yeah, I said it, gold lamé), my designated spot to slap on my drugstore lotions (you know, whatever it takes to get the job done to fight the flaky ashy dry skin woes). But now I find myself slathering, isn’t that how it’s described in the sensual commercials, we slather on creams? I’m doing a whole lot of slathering. I also very much love this product. I do wish the brand to give more consideration to the thickness of the bottle, and how difficult it becomes to squeeze the product out after a little while of use. This is an easy enough issue to work around. I now just take the cap off and plunk the product onto the palm of my hands as opposed to gently squeezing it. It works just the same, though just a bit less glamorously.

Dear French brand Patyka, I am officially hooked.

For more information on Patyka’s skin care line, please visit their website at  For you Northern California locals, you can try Patyka Products at Neiman Marcus, located at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto.


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