Opera San Jose – Idomeneo

I had the pleasure of attending the opening night of Opera San Jose’s – Idomeneo at the California Theatre in Downtown San Jose, CA.  This was the very first opera that I have attended and I must say it was certainly an experience.  The crowd alone was a sight to see as my assumption was, most of the audience would be dressed up for the show.

Opera San Jose opened it’s season with the the mythical tale of Idomeneo, King of Crete.  Set towards the end of the Trojan war, the premiss of the story is Idomeneo had a son, Idomante who fell in love with a Trojan princess Ilia.  After 10 years of battle, Idomeneo found himself in the middle of a storm at sea, begging to Neptune (the God of Sea) to spare his life, while promising to sacrifice one in return.  Unfortunately, the life he chose to sacrifice was his very own son, Idamante.  After surpassing the reign of Neptune, Idomeneo found himself stepping down as King of Crete and rejoices the love of his son Idmante and Ilia who will reign as King and Queen.  It was quite interesting how they had a TelePrompTer at the top of the stage to translate the performers as they were singing in Italian.  I must say that the performance was moving, captivating and had me wanting to see more.

Another very interesting part of attending the show was not only seeing how amazing the costume design was well put together for Idomeneo and the entire cast, however, seeing what the audience was wearing.  I personally wore an over the knee a-line, off the shoulder black dress accented with a satin bow and I wore it with my short black blazer and lavender colored faux python peep toe heels.   I really enjoyed taking in the sight of women in cocktail dresses varying in lengths and colors along with light pinks and nude colored dress suites.  I was pleased to see a lady walk in with a floor length ball gown and her date in a tuxedo.  The men’s attire ranged from casual business to black tie.

Overall, my take on Idomeneo is a must see.  If you’re into the Greek / Trojan war mythical era, then you will certainly love this story.

To learn more about Opera San Jose and it’s upcoming season, please visit them online at www.operasj.org


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