Old Gringo Boots New Online Store and $125 To Shop Giveaway!

If you’re a huge follower of Old Gringo Boots (such as myself), then you would have noticed their announcement just yesterday of their new online store.  I don’t know about you, but I am very excited about this because I can go directly to their website to find the latest styles and purchase directly from them! Their line of boots are definitely made for walking and I should know…I pretty much live in my Bonnie Boots all year round.

As mentioned, with the new website, come the new styles and here are three that I personally added to my Old Gringo Boots wishlist.

Libiet in Rustic Brown

Diana in Black

Leonie in Mahoney Dark Coffee

To celebrate their new online store, Old Gringo wants to give one lucky winner $125 to use towards your online purchase!  Here’s the details on how to win…


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  1. Cindy b says:

    The Jainsa in black. The Beatriz in cognac brown, and the libia In rustic brown!

  2. Patrice Johnson says:

    Alisa -silver gold
    Queenita- black

  3. Patrice Johnson says:

    Alise gold silver
    Diana Brown
    Queenita black

  4. M.J. Moore says:

    I love Gratia in Cognac Brown, Flamma in Plum Chocolate (yummy), and Burdeos in Powder!

  5. Shamaen says:

    Libiet in Rustic brown
    Diana in Black
    Leonie Coffee

    Wow gorgeous boots!

  6. Jerrilyn says:

    leonie in mahoney dark coffee!

  7. Carrie McCulley says:

    Love Old Gringo…have 2 pair already and love them more than any other boot Ive owned!

  8. DaniPee78 says:

    Gratia – Dark Chocolate
    Jainsa – Black
    Queentia – Black

  9. Debi Gerald says:

    I LOVE my Old Gringo boots!!!

  10. Deana Kneen says:

    The Snake – Red
    The Snake – Black
    The Burdeos – Pewter

  11. Sharon says:

    Love Old Gringo

  12. Noctua – Golden Brown
    Nikita – Indian Red / Brown
    Libiet – Rustic Brown

  13. Julie phelps says:

    My faves are the Tabetha in red. I want them so bad!!!

  14. Jerrilyn says:

    I hit send too soon, so I’ll re-do.
    Gratia – Cognac Brown
    Pomiferra Metallic – Bronze (WOWZA)
    Diana – Brown

  15. sobbykim says:

    it’s really difficult to say which are my favourite…i.e.Lucky, Tyler, all the Sora, bonnie, Marsha in pink, Rania, Sozey…do you understand my situation?!!!!!!!

  16. Brenda D says:

    My favorite 3 shoes are tennis shoes, dress heels, and boots!!!!

  17. Beth says:

    Love, Love, Love Old Gringo Boots! My favs are Little G, Bonnie Pippin, Erin, Grace!

  18. Robin Deardeuff says:

    This Grandma needs a pair of boots!!

  19. Beth says:

    LOVE Old Gringo Boots! I need a pair! The Little G, Bonnie Pippin, Erin, Grace!

  20. Sue White says:

    Villa turquoise

  21. Ashley Armstrong says:

    I love Old Gringo! My favs are Noctua – Golden Brown, Snake – Black and Gratia – Cognac Brown.

  22. Ronda Whittley says:

    I love them all!!!

  23. My favorites are Lucky in black, Bonnie in brown/black, and chocolate Julies.

  24. Heidi says:

    I could not find the blog on Can I comment here instead for the entry?

  25. victoria says:

    claritas all the way!!!!!

  26. Roberta Firoved says:

    Someday soon, I hope to own my first pair of Old Gringo boots. Love the styles and will have difficulty selecting a favorite. Libiet in rustic brown looks really nice!

  27. says:

    I love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  28. Jules says:

    Love OG Boots….I have 5 pair!! I really like the Diana in Black!!

  29. Constance says:

    Frida, Rainia, and Julie are three of my favorites!

  30. Laura Moore says:

    Love it all 🙂

  31. Colleen says:

    I LOVE ALL OF YOUR BOOTS!! Seriously looking at the ones from the Shearling Collection.

  32. Jennifer says:

    Abby Rose

  33. Julie says:

    My favorites are Belinda, Hosifukami, and Lucky!

  34. randy saunders says:

    Leonie- Mahoney, Nika- Indian Red, & Nika- Black.

  35. Chandra Holmes says:

    My Gringos are my all time favorite shoe choice!

  36. Heather Laveaux says:

    Leonie – Dark Chocolate with hints of Red
    Snake – Black
    Noctua – Golden Brown

    (All of them!)

  37. tracey says:

    Noctua and Leonie in both colours

  38. Cady says:

    Who can choose just 3? I love all of them!

  39. Sherry says:

    Libiet rustic-brown
    Abby Rose

    Wow you make it so hard to choose. I have two pair boots, one pair sandals, and one pair mules. Next purchase …..a handbag.

  40. MC Chau says:

    I love Abby Rose, Whit and Susana! I’d be happy to have any of them though!

    also, followed under @cxc118 – I forgot to put my name in the Rafflecopter form.

  41. vita says:

    I love the beatriz, flamma and Jainsa boots!!

  42. Susan says:

    I love Erin Chocolate, Bonnie Vintage, and Ellie Brass. I own the Erin Chocolate and LOVE them.

  43. Robin Michele says:

    I would love to win me some boots but some old gingo bucks that sounds nice … would love to win this ..

  44. Robin Michele says:

    I would love to win me some boots but some old gringo bucks that sounds nice … would love to win this ..

  45. April C. says:

    My top 3 are:


  46. Holly Folkerts says:

    Eagle Shearling – Grey
    Moto Stud

    Pretty much all the shearling boots, love uggs!

  47. J Conley says:

    Golondrina Tan, Leopardito Ocre, Letty Blue Jean

  48. Monica says:

    I want the Bonnie’s sooooo bad!!!!

  49. Ronda Metters says:

    I love Old Gringo Boots!
    My favorites are:
    1. Bonnie Brass
    2 .Libiet in rustic brown
    3. Eagle crystal

  50. Meagan Leathers says:

    I could use a 5th pair of Old Gringo’s.

    My favorite: Kally Fringe – shipping to me in November!
    I also like the Burdeos in Pewter and the Bonnie Shearling.

  51. Rachel G says:

    I love love love these tasteful boots.
    My top 3 favorites would be:
    1.) burdeos in pewter
    2.) queentia in black (my calves are slender so European fit is awesome!)
    3.) kally in chocolate

  52. vanessa martinez says:

    My 3 favorite are as follows in no particular order =)
    Leonie – Dark Chocolate with a hint of Red
    Burdeos – Black
    Leonie – Mahoney / Dark Coffee

  53. Karen Bennett says:

    Love ALL the Old Gringo boots!!!!

  54. Jaymie Williams says:

    Love Old Gringo and would honestly wear any of them. But on my wish list is:
    Alise- Ochre
    Kally- Chocolate

  55. kbolick9@gmail.con says:

    I love all the boots

  56. Linda Merritt says:

    ANY Old Gringo….I am an OG freak!!!!!!

  57. Heidi says:

    I love all of them, can’t pick just 3!

  58. Rust says:

    I like these three:

    Procella – Black

    Leonie – Mahoney / Dark Coffee


    thanks! Old Gringo boots are wonderful!

  59. Lauren Burford says:

    I’m still trying to replace the classic Diego (turquoise) Old Gringo boots that my puppy turned into a chew toy. =( Also like the Lauren and the Sozey!

  60. Gayla says:

    Libiet – Rustic Brown
    Nika – Indian Red/Brown

  61. Jo-Ann Mapson says:

    Love all them, but currently am loving the Patsyrazz but would not turn down any design.

  62. Jolee V says:

    Snake RED~
    Diana Black!
    Queentia Black <3

  63. karen says:

    I covet the red snakes….

  64. Sharon says:

    Love OG boots!

  65. I need the Diana! I’m a musician and only wear OLD GRINGO! As a fiddle player I don’t get to sit down – I gotta run around. 🙂 love my OLD GRINGOs! Luv, your loyal fan!
    I own, BELINDA, MELISSA, MAYRA, in different colors! 🙂

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