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I found this unique and beautiful line of western boots as I was strolling in Tiburon and walked into this quaint boutique. These unbelievable boots were made by Old Gringo Boots.

I always wanted to own a pair of western boots, however, couldn’t find one that suited my style. But when I laid my eyes on the pairs displayed, I was immediately in awe! The sight of distressed leather, shiny studs, & stitching detail, I couldn’t make up my mind which one I wanted. However, due to my small feet (size 6) the boutique did not have my size in any of the styles.

So I did my research at home about this fabulous line. Old Gringo started their company back in 2000 by Yan Ferry and Ernie Tarut. Their designs are what make this collection of western boots stand out. Not only do they capture the heart of traditional western lovers, they now speak to a much broader audience with their wide variety of styles from contemporary, traditional, to edgy glam. I also learned that Old Gringo also makes handbags and in addition to their footwear.  I can only imagine what the other accessories look like if they can design their boots the way they do.

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the fabulous Bonnie boots in black. This specific style attracted me as it’s nothing that I have seen anyone wear so far. The stitching detail along with the floral designs really captured my eyes. The slight distressed look of the leather and sole give the boots more character, almost as if I have owned them for ages. The leather itself is soft, which makes for a longer, more comfortable wear. When I first got the Bonnie’s, I was determined to break them in. I wore them all day long, and I have to say that these are one of the most comfortable boots I have ever walked in thus far. It did not give me sore feet like other shoes do when they’re brand new.  After wearing the boots for a few weeks, they certainly do get more comfortable as they mold to your feet.  My overall take on these boots are, gorgeous, comfy, and versatile!  If you’re thinking about getting a pair, do so! They will become one of your favorite boots you’ve ever owned.  I can now say that I have become a very long term fan and am excited to grow my collection of Old Gringo Boots!

For more information on the amazing Old Gringo collection, please visit them at:

(New website to come very soon!)



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