My New Frends – Stylish, Edgy Headphones!

I’ve always been on the hunt for something that pairs perfectly with my iPhone, iPad and other geeky devices I own and once I came across Frends headphones, it was certainly love at first sight!  The ideal accoutrement for any fashionista that needs a little listening privacy or something of a stylish microphone headset.  Let me introduce you to what I call my technology BFFs, Frends!


Let it be known that I have am a huge lover of gold and rose gold accessories and when I first saw the combination of white and rose gold stud-like headphones, I immediately had to have one.  I received the Taylor Rose Gold (the larger headphones on the left) and the Ella B Gold (smaller earbuds on the right).  Ok, so they look lovely as can be but are they as great to use?  Definitely!

The moment I put on the Taylor headphones, the soft leather was so comfortable on my ears, I could have worn them for hours.  The headphones are adjustable to fit just about any size.  The sound quality is what got me.  I loved how crisp the sound of watching a show or talking on the phone was.  It took a little getting used to when wearing the Taylor headphones to make a phone call because you could barely hear yourself talk, but listing on the other end was loud and clear. The Ella B in gold was also super comfortable to use.  It has a soft silicon tip that goes in your ears and the gold hardware almost makes it look like you’re wearing earrings. Again, the listening portion of the earbuds were clear as can be and the microphone works fantastic.  Both Taylor and Ella B are easy to travel with and come with their very own zippered pouch.




The holidays will be here before we know it and these two will make the perfect stocking stuffer gift for just about anyone.  For more information Frends, visit their website at


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