L’Occitane Paris – Review

L’Occitane En Provence is a brand that provides beauty and skincare products that tantalize our senses.  From fragrant bath and body to home, skincare to haircare and beauty, it’s your one stop shop.

Here are a couple of items that we want to share with you.


Instantly hydrated my chapped lips with a light cocoa smell which I liked, but what I liked even more is that the lip balm didn’t taste like cocoa, so I wasn’t constantly licking my lips and defeating the purpose of the lip balm! Actually, the lip balm doesn’t have any flavor at all (another bonus in my opinion). It gives a nice shine on the lips, I also used it on top of a lip liner and it worked very well, leaving my lips with a shiny hint of color. Bottom line is I have moisturized lips with cocoa scent, definitely recommended for the winter season which normally leaves our lips dry, but also great for all year round.  I give the Limited Edition Cocoa Flower Lip Balm a 2 rating.  CLICK HERE to purchase Limited Edition Cocoa Flower Lip Balm.



This shower jelly is a sweet treat alternative to soap. It has a floral-rose scent which is a little sweet and lathers up nicely with some water. It left my skin feeling smooth and silky, definitely felt like I had treated myself to something special in my old shower routine! I would recommend this as a gift or if you are the type of person who likes fragrant bath and body products.  I give this Shower Jelly a 3 rating.  CLICK HERE to purchase the Shower Jelly.


For more information on L’Occitane En Provence, please visit their website at



4: Highly Recommend

3: Worth Trying

2: Try a Different Brand

1: Could Do Without





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