Jewelry with a “STATEMENT”

When it comes to completing your look of the day, I believe jewelry is a very huge factor in doing so. And not just your normal large, colorful or bold “statement” piece but jewelry with a “statement” is what I’m talking about!  Personalization, sayings, initials, coordinates, mantra, you name it…you can wear it!

They’re definitely becoming such a popular style that I’ve seen in magazines and celebrities, and of course, they’re showing up in my very own closet as well.

I’ve picked out 5 of what I think would make a great “statement” piece in your very own collection.

 Anarchy Street

Anarchy Street - Custom Engraved Monochrome Cuff Bracelet

When you’re looking for a personalized piece of jewelry, the Custome Engraved Monochrome Cuff Bracelet by Anarchy Street is one to start off with. It’s easy on the wallet and their customer service is great! Click HERE to purchase. 

Coordinates Collection

Coordinates Collection - Liberty Necklace

I noticed that more and more people are wearing coordinates as statement pieces which tell  locations for special occasions. The Liberty Necklace is a great piece that comes in 3 finishes (gold, rose gold and silver).  Click HERE to purchase. 

Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer Fisher Jewelry - White Diamond Letter Cuff

This bracelet had been on the top of my wish list for quite some time now. If you’re looking to gift yourself or someone a great piece of fine personalized jewelry, this would be it! The Burnished White Diamond Equation Cuff from the talented Jennifer Fisher will not only dazzle the wrist but will be an investment piece to keep for a lifetime. Click HERE to purchase.  

Lulu Frost

Lulu Frost - Custom Code Words Rings

Who knew you can create words by simply placing beautiful and colorful gemstones together? I am loving the ring by Lulu Frost, which comes in sterling silver, 14kt or 18kt gold. There literally is a color for each letter of the alphabet. Click HERE to purchase. 

Mantra Band

Mantra Band

Last but not least is the Mantra Band. Who can resist having just one of these amazing mantras to go with your mood for the day or to make a special gift for someone that you know fits the saying. I can think of 10 that I would wear all at once! Click HERE to purchase. 


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