Hallmark For The Holidays!

This holiday season, if you’re looking for that one special place to shop and get the perfect holiday gifts for just about anyone on your list (including the kids), Hallmark is the place to go!

At Hallmark stores, you’ll find gifts such as candles, decorative mugs/wine glasses, chocolates, candies, books, character figurines from Disney, DC Comics, various ornaments, signature & collaboration holiday cards and of course, my newest favorites…the itty bittys!

itty bittys

Hallmark Feature

 itty bittys are the latest craze that any kid or adult collector would absolutely fall in love with.  They are small stuffed characters that make the perfect stocking stuffers or gift box toppers as well. These adorable little gifts are sold individually or as a set based on the theme/characters (seen in the photos above). itty bittys are sold exclusively at Hallmark locations and online (click HERE to purchase).  Honestly, my kids and I are loving these and my personal favorites are Chewbaca and Rainbow Brite. Right now, you can also save $5 on your $25 itty bitty purchase – through December 20th.

Hallmark Signature & SJP Collection Cards

Hallmark Signature & SJP Cards

For as long as I can remember, Hallmark cards have been a part of special occasions growing up, whether birthdays, holidays or even special moments in life. And over the years, the cards have certainly evolved and have gotten a lot more creative with their designs. Hallmark has even started collaborating with celebrities, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, who has added a touch of fabulosity to the cards with her love for fashion. How amazing are these holiday cards that also turn into ornaments? It’s almost like 2 gifts in 1.

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