Fornarina – Perfect Shape Jeans

As if Fornarina doesn’t already bring us ladies some fashionable pieces, they now introduce their Perfect Shape denim to give the ultimate fit with with the most feminine look.

Fornarina’s Perfect Shape denim offers high quality fabrics with technology that gives the fabric a double stretch that bounces back to your body with a really cool memory fit.  These jeans follow the shape of your body and I personally love the way they fit me.  I’m not a huge fan of low cut jeans so this mid cut compliments my figure just fine.

These are the colors that I just adore from the collection.


A lively and bold color, that is perfect to wear at anytime of the year.  Style them with black heels and your favorite graphic tee and fringed cardigan.

Mid Blue

The original denim color that is a must have in every closet.  These jeans go with just about anything, from looking casual-chic during the day and looking stunning-sexy for the ultimate night look.


A delicate hint of mint will can create an ultra fem look.  Wear this with a pair of studded ballerina flats, cropped tank and a floral vest that flows.

Make sure to visit Fornarina’s website at to learn more about the Perfect Shape jeans and the variety of colors and styles they offer.


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