Foreo ISSA Toothbrush – Review

I recently joined IFABBO (an international fashion and beauty bloggers group) to learn more about new brands and products that I personally am not familiar with.

Foreo’s ISSA was definitely one that I thought would be the perfect product to review. It’s a new version of an electric toothbrush with a very stylish look to it.

Upon receiving and unpackaging the toothbrush, I first noticed the sleek, yet simplistic look to the brush along with its  smooth silicon feel to product. The first question I had was how it was going to actually work and clean my teeth with its soft, flexible and flat bristles.

Foreo ISSA

The brush itself has various features including a 2-minute self timer which also has an adjustable button to control the intensity of the pulsation while brushing, and a flexible top brush head to maximize the reach in your mouth.

Upon using the ISSA, I wasn’t sure if I was to use it like a regular toothbrush where I manually did the circular brushing motion or if I was suppose to leave it in one spot.  So, being that the brush head did not spin, I used it like a regular toothbrush with the pulsation up 2 notches. While reading the instructions, I see that there is a step process in using the ISSA, which direct you to brush certain quadrants of your teeth at a time and has a pulsating indicator (every 30 seconds) to move to another section. The pulsation of the brush was in fact gentle enough for my gums while the silicon bristles did manage to get into every crevice of my teeth, leaving a bright, shining and clean smile.  What I personally like about the ISSA is the effortless maintenance of running the brush head under water and using your fingers to clean the brush, while a full charge can get you 365 uses out of it. I’m personally happy with the product and will continue to use it on a regular basis.

The Foreo ISSA comes in 4 colors (Mint, Lavendar, Cobalt Blue and Cool Black). 

For more information on Foreo’s ISSA, please visit their website by clicking the link –


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